Top 10 Most Photogenic Locations in Auckland

By Luke Ellery

When it comes to engagement shoots, a quality result comes from a handful of vital elements: lighting, styling, location, and the couple pulling off some natural poses. Right now, we are here to address just one of those elements: location, location, location. Now, there is no question that if you hire a professional photographer, they will have myriad beautiful locations hidden up their sleeve for your engagement shoot. However, if you would like some inspiration, or are simply curious about some hotspots, read on; we’ve contacted a few of our photographers and asked them to spill the beans on the most picture perfect places for engagement shoots. All within an hours drive from the AKL CBD!


What makes this location great, is the good old fashioned west coast black sand. Rolling black sand dunes, everywhere you look, make for interesting colour contrast with the classic “bridal white.” Bethells Beach also offers a range of exciting natural backdrops including, pine forests, waterfalls, and Lake Wainamu. If you spend a good few hours shooting you are bound to get a considerable variation of bridal photos in some unique and aesthetic environments.

Bethelles Beach, Engagement shoot

Image by Hollow Creative


Over the past few years, the area surrounding the Britomart Train Station has evolved into a hub of bustling city energy. Fairy lights, fountains, flora, cafes, and the Takutai Atrium are all features of the new urban space. Many wedding photographers have seized the opportunity and used Britomart as a backdrop for their engagement shoots. The bright lights and colours of the city look modern and bold in your shots. It is super easy to get to, and you will have plenty to do before or after the photo shoot is finished – fancy dinner on the town anyone?

  Britomart, Fountain, photogenic, locations, engagement, shoot.

Image by Perspectives Photo + Cinema


This beach offers the soft colours of light grass and yellow sand, but towering behind these romantic touches is a dramatic set of hills. The juxtaposition of those two features really captures the epic quality of nature that New Zealand (Middle Earth) is so famous for.

Kare Kare, photogenic locations, engagement shoot

Image by Diana V Photography


Maraetai beach is painted with a multitude of stunning colours, golden sand, dark volcanic rock, and blazing red Pohutakawa trees all coming together in a magical symphony for the eyes. Your photos here will be eye-catching, to say the least. This beach, along with its natural gifts, offers a rustic human-made touch with a large wooden pier that is frequently abandoned and readily available for photo shoots.

maraetai, location, auckland, photogenic, engagement shoot

Image by Diana V Photography

Mt Albert 

Mount Albert offers so much more than a summit with beautiful views. The tracks, shaded by trees, look straight out of a fairytale. Autumn, Spring, Summer all provide unique and beautiful scenery that never fail to provide the perfect setting for your engagement/ wedding photos.

Mt Eden, Wedding, Photo, Engagement Shoot Auckland

Image by Perry Trotter Photography  

Karekare falls

In the western part of the Waitakere Ranges is a 30-meter high horse-tail waterfall surrounded by a dark cliff face and thick forest, this is Karekare falls. Much of the Waitakere ranges have been closed down to the public in an attempt to prevent the spread of kauri dieback. Fortunately, for those out there booking an engagement shoot, access to the base of Karekare falls is still open. That means you still have a chance at epic shots like this.

karekare, engagement shoot, couple, romance, waterfall

Image by L&L


Muriwai is a great big conglomeration of nature. The fun thing about a place like Muriwai for an engagement shoot is that you can make a day of it. You can walk around for hours exploring, finding the perfect spot with the perfect lighting. Take the opportunity to use the sun light at a place like Muriwai, with its beautiful beachy sunsets, and fairytale rays of light in the forests and around the streams. Pro tip: bring along some hot chocolate, or wine, as provisions for your big-little adventure.

muriwai, beach, enagement shoot

Image by Perspectives Photo + Cinema 

Nelson Street Cycle-way

Nelson Street Cycleway is a relatively new feature of Auckland City. In the government's attempt to improve public transport through and around the Supercity, Nelson Street Cycleway was introduced. What could have been a terribly dull addition to Auckland city has quickly become a quirky and modern landmark. The cycleway comes to life at night with its bright pink runway and the soft coloured lights lining the side-barriers. As you can see, a skilled photographer can turn this funny piece of infrastructure into the perfect backdrop for an engagement shoot. 

Nelson St Cycleway, Wedding, engagement shoot, bridal, location, Auckland

Image by Perspectives Photo + Cinema

PB Tech Building, Queen St

This one is an obscure addition to the list. It is small and maybe not so easy to find. However, after seeing the above below, we couldn't help but fall in love with this secret spot because it makes a simply stunning lcoation for engagement shoots. The grand staircase gives a regal tone to your photos, and it matches so prefectly with a classic wedding gown. 

PB Tech building, Auckland, photogenic locations, engagement shoot

Image by Perspectives Photo + Cinema

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