10 Must-Have Items for Your Summer Wedding Gift Registry

By Mildred&Co and Maria Yeonhee Ji

Setting up a wedding registry can be a time-consuming endeavour. After settling on the overall aesthetic you and your partner want for your home (which can sometimes be tricky if you have very different tastes), you then have to pick a range of gifts at different price points that will prepare you for your future together. Ideally, this register should include a mix of everyday items as well as some things for special occasions. The process of choosing the gifts can be rewarding and enjoyable - as long as you have a system and a basic idea of what you want. So if the latter is something you’re struggling with, or if you simply want a list to remind you about the items you absolutely shouldn’t forget, here is a curated list of ten items to include for the perfect summer wedding gift registry.


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A quality picnic rug is a summer essential in New Zealand. It’ll make passing the hours in the sun with your newlywed partner such a comfortable affair, and add an element of bohemian chic to a frolic in the outdoors. An ergonomic yet luxurious rug will be water-resistant, large enough to stretch out upon, and roll up easily with a sturdy handle for easy transportation. So that irrespective of where you are - be it at the beach, park, or a faraway campsite - you have a soft, clean surface to sit on and enjoy the view.


Of course, not every couple is the outdoors type. A gift like a hammock can be a fun way to draw you out of the house to bask outside, and spend time sipping on cool drinks and chatting the day away. It’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to creating your registry, but it’s a great addition that will help create the little sweet nooks in your new home that you can go to relax and enjoy being away from the humdrum of the everyday.


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Lighting is one of those things that people forget about in the initial rush to decorate a home. But it’s a functional element of your lived experience that can really alter the atmosphere. Particularly if the design is a little different while still maintaining a degree of sophistication, like this table lamp in the image above. It’s a creative yet practical feature that’s perfect for a study desk or bedside table, to keep you feeling inspired as you immerse yourself in work or a  bit of nighttime reading.


You can have every other aspect of interior design nailed - colour palette, furniture, art and other decor details… but the use of texture is what truly transforms a room from a space full of an assortment of store-bought objects to a beautiful living area. Items like this sheepskin rug will help you craft the sense of harmony that complex texturing can bring into your home. It looks especially great when draped over more minimalist furniture, but can also be used to warm your feet if your home has wooden floors.


gift registry, wedding registry, summer wedding, gifts, summer


One of the fundamentals in wedding registry etiquette is to ensure that there are items valued at every price point so that purchasing a present isn’t an overwhelming stretch for your guests’ budgets. A pillowcase like the one in the image above - with a classic print that won’t become outdated as the seasons go by - is a guest-friendly option that is also a nice touch to keep your bedroom looking smart as well as cosy. If you and your partner aren’t sure what kind of colour scheme you want for the bedroom, pick a neutral colour that can complement a range of shades so that you have some flexibility later on.


The bed is the haven of your haven; a beautiful and impossibly soft quilted blanket will make this the place you’ll be wishing you could be during the rougher days. Opt for something that will maintain its look even after multiple washes -  a blanket like the one in the image above that strikes the balance between durable and dreamy.


gift registry, wedding registry, summer wedding, gifts, summer


Salad servers may seem like a somewhat uninspired wedding gift, but not if they’re as aesthetically sleek as these. Many product designers are putting all sorts of twists on these classic pieces by using materials like brushed rose gold, keeping things interesting with modern shapes, and giving these products one-of-a-kind finishes via the handmade process. As pretty as they are pragmatic, gifts like these get snapped up quickly by guests on registries. And thanking the gifters couldn’t be easier - just invite them over for lunch sometime after you get back from your honeymoon and show off how much you adore their thoughtful contribution.


A minimalist serving board is a must-have for a summer wedding registry (it’s a must-have for anyone, really). Incredibly functional, you can use it to serve anything: from roast meats, to sweet treats, to hors d’oeuvres (for those occasions when things get a little bit fancy). Make sure the board you list on the registry has a diameter large enough to serve a sensible quantity of food, but not so large or heavy that it’s tricky to transport from kitchen to dining area by yourself.

gift registry, wedding registry, summer wedding, gifts, summer


If you and/or your partner like to indulge in a cup of coffee in the morning to get you going about your busy lives, a coffee machine is an indispensable appliance. And the benefits (of which there are many) aren’t just for yourselves, either. The ability to offer guests coffee that doesn’t come from a plastic packet is a social grace that will bring a smile to many a friendly face.


A stand mixer is the kind of traditional gift registry item that will appeal to those who really think about the basics of building a nest. Top-of-the-line models are a bit of a wish list item, but they’re also gifts that your parents’ closest friend(s) might splurge on as a generous gesture. Certainly, it’s a must to include on your registry; with group gifting becoming increasingly common and available as a feature on online registries, it may be that several of your friends opt to purchase something they know is a little pricey but will be loved and used frequently.  

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