10 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

By Felicity Newburry

A wedding is a long day for a little kid. There is all this adult stuff going on, they’ve had to get dressed up, their mum has told them they’re not allowed to get mud or fizzy on their outfit, they’ve had – frankly – a little too much ice cream and now all they want to do is blitz it to the other side of the golf course and check out what’s going on over there… it’s tough being a kid! So, here's a list of ideas that will prevent the darlings from running figure-eights between your guest’s legs, & to avoid those “where's little Charlie, now?” moments. These are ten fun ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding.

1. Kid’s Cafe

Children love to feel like “big kids”, that’s why fluffies are so popular! If you have a lot of kiddies, or even teenagers attending, why not create a funky, caffeine-free café? You could set up tables, chairs, have a soda machine going and a member of the wait-staff serving fluffies, milk shakes and hot chocolates. For the older kids you could put out a bunch of magazines, have some cool music going… Seriously hip.

2. Fly a Kite

On a warm, windy day, this is the best thing ever – for kids (and adults!) of any age. Kite flying is something so simplistic, yet it is hardly done anymore. So why not bring it back at your wedding? You could provide the kids with pre-made kites or let them decorate and put them together themselves, and watch as they spend hours trying to keep their kite aloft, or better yet, keep it higher than their cousin’s kite. The best part is, they get to take their kite home after. Score! 

Image sourced via Huffington Post

3. Kid’s First!

Consider feeding the kids first. If you are catering buffet style, let the kids load up on potato salad first. If you have designed a set menu, perhaps have the kids served first or have a kiddy buffet (which will save any issues from fussy-eaters). It makes them feel special and it’s exciting getting to go first! Plus, you may find serving less “adult food” will affect your catering bill for the better.

4. Designer Desserts

As a kid, what could possibly be more amazing than designing your own ice-cream mountain? You could set up a designer desert table where, while the adults are being served crème brûlée, the kids get to pick their own ice cream flavours, sauces, sprinkles…Oh, the possibilities! 

Image by Brenda Upton Photography

5. Picasso Place Settings

Instead of seating kids with their parents, consider seating them all together at table that they can literally turn into a shared masterpiece. Cover the table with butcher’s paper instead of a tablecloth and decorate it with jars of crayons instead of centerpieces. Let them go wild, it’ll keep them entertained for hours.

6. Goody Bags

A wedding is a party, right? For kids, one of the best things about going to a friend’s birthday party is the goody bag they get at the end. Why not replicate this sacred tradition at your wedding? At their place setting, leave them a goody bag of little treats, such as snacks, toys or juice boxes. Try to keep them relatively similar, so as to prevent the “they got a better goody bag than I did!” fiasco, but you could personalize them a little with a nametags and keep them age-appropriate.

Image sourced via Pinterest

7. Kids Photo Booth

You may be surprised at the amount of time that can be willed away on taking selfies. Kids love to pull faces: they can pull the same face over and over for countless photos and still find it equally hilarious - if not more so - every time. Consider hiring a photo booth and stock it up with an assortment of costumes from funny sunglasses through to fairy wings and sparkly fedoras. They’ll honestly have so much fun with this option, and just imagine the photos!

8. Mini Photographers

This could be pricey if you have a lot of kids attending, but if you only have a couple, consider assigning them a photographer position! You could give them disposable cameras, a mission to complete and send them on their way. Maybe not every photo taken will be a work of art but the memories will be priceless. 

9. “Kid’s only, keep out!”

Secret clubhouses, blanket forts – kid’s love that sort of stuff. Consider setting up a kid’s room, perhaps with a foosball table, board games, a kid-friendly bar or food table… Let them run and around and have fun in their kids-only rumpus room (though it may be wise to hire a babysitter for this option).

Image sourced via Pinterest

10. Let ‘em “glow” crazy!

There is something about glow sticks that children love. The minute they see them, their eyes light up! Put some glow sticks at their place setting or even set up a glow stick table and when the lights go down for the dancing, the kids will be thrilled! They can trade glow sticks, make glow stick accessories, wave them around to make bright beams of fluorescent pink... Consider giving them a dance to themselves to some thing fun like ‘Uptown Funk’ where they can get their “glow” on and just have fun being kids. 

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