4 Insta-worthy Buffet Trends for 2018 Weddings

By LittleWolf and Maria Yeonhee Ji

With the rise in popularity of a range of different dinner styles, you would think buffets might have taken a back seat when it comes to wedding dinner services. But the good old buffet - with all the logistical advantages it confers - has truly withstood the test of time. We reached out to the experts at LittleWolf for their opinion. In short, settling for the ‘classic’ buffet with rows of chafing dishes and burners keeping your food at a set temperature is boring; the outdated traditional buffet presentation prevents the dishes from truly showcasing their mouthwatering effects to your guests. So how can we revitalise the trusty buffet that everyone knows and loves? Here’s a list of tips and tricks we’ve compiled that can help transform your buffet tables from merely serviceable to sensational. 


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Image from LittleWolf by Heather Altorf

Presentation matters. As delicious and exquisitely designed the selection of dishes may have been, if they’re presented in an uninspiring manner it will definitely affect the dining experience. To put your food in the limelight, incorporate some creative styling elements. For example, using terracotta against a backdrop with hints of black metal can be used for an industrial-chic Tuscan fusion vibe (pro tip: terracotta holds heat and creates a warm atmosphere evocative of a festive, sharing spirit). You can also incorporate wooden textures to complement the natural tones of your greenery. When it comes to colours, make sure you select hues that don’t compete with the foods; you want the emphasis to be on the food, not the decor around it. 


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Image by Trent and Jessie Photographers

A contemporary trend when it comes to buffet tables is ditching the tablecloths altogether. Be brave enough to go bare - source a clean and modern table top that complements your general styling (e.g. rustic, industrial, sophisticated), that will provide a stunning backdrop for the dishes. Not only will this minimalist styling decision make your aesthetic look timeless, foregoing tablecloths means spills or other accidents can be easily managed throughout the night and the cleanup after will also be hassle-free. 


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Image by Amy Kate Photography

The quantity and range of foods expected in buffets doesn't mean that your options have to be limited to the plain and popular. Although you should certainly choose a range of dishes that will cater for every guest’s needs, you can still choose dishes that are sublime (both visually and in terms of flavour) by themselves, and also create a taste explosion when combined. A golden rule when it comes to buffet spreads is that you should have at least three proteins paired with four sides. Another good idea is presenting your dishes according to their food group so that it’s easy for your guests to know what all the available options are. 


food, wedding, weddings, buffet, insta-wrorthy, littlewolf, catering

Image by Lisa Poggi Photography

As with most aspects of wedding planning, when it comes to buffet tables the little bit extra can add a lot. Although all your dishes will be more than worthy of a prime spot on every guest’s plate, remember that your guests want to know what they're eating. Having description cards (that fit in with your theme and style) printed with the finer details about what’s on offer can give your guests the same feeling as they’d get picking their stomach’s desire(s) from a fancy menu. 

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