5 Most Photogenic Wedding Trends

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

There are some amazing photography effects that require an experienced photographer, two or more assistants, skilled modeling, and unbelievable fortune to achieve. Then there are other things that only require a little bit of planning or a conversation with your wedding vendor(s) that will inevitably yield beautiful photos (even for couples who are a bit camera-shy). It’s these latter things you should invest in so that no matter what happens on the day you know you’ll get a variety of stunning images to keep in your albums. So, to make it easy, we’ve brought you a list of the five most photogenic wedding trends to date that will result in striking photography – during the ceremony, in the photoshoot, and in all the little moments in between.

1/ Coloured Smoke Bombs

photogenic, wedding, photography, trends, smoke bombs

Images by (clockwise from top left): Kelsey Christian (Powerstation Events), Alana Taylor Photography, Laura Slade Photography, and Carly Tia

Coloured smoke bombs began trending last year, and their popularity has only risen since, with wedding photographers around the world demonstrating their potential in stunning photo shoots. Setting them off right before a kiss adds a swirling backdrop that gives a dynamic quality to the shot, but you can also use them to great effect in group photos. Opt for bright colours (that either match your theme’s palette or provide some striking contrast) to make a statement, or go for softer pastels (or even a grey or off-white) for a mystical, fog-like effect. Either way, there’s nothing understated about this spectacular prop – it brings photos to life with bursts of colour and portrays love as the extraordinary and epic force that it is.

2/ Confetti

photogenic, wedding, photography, trends, confetti

Image by Samantha Donaldson Photography

Traditionally thrown after the couple has been married, confetti heightens the sense of festivity and without fail makes for a brilliant candid photo. It helps bring out the ceremonial exuberance in the moment when the couple takes their first steps together down the aisle, allowing the photo to capture the extended arms of well-wishers and their delighted tossing of tiny colourful confetti pieces. Whether they are made of paper, flower petals, glitter, or some other particle of significance... it really has no bearing on the outcome of the photo. Grinning newlyweds being showered by confetti is always a magical moment to capture on camera.

3/ Circle arches

circle arch, arches, photogenic, wedding, photography, trends

Images by (clockwise from top left): Erin Wallis Photography, Muravnik Photography, Allison Jeffers Photography, and Chris & Ruth Photography

Circle arches are one of the most meaningful and photogenic statement symbols you can incorporate into your wedding. Their incomparable mathematic beauty aside, circles are also universal symbols for completeness and infinity – what better shape to be encircled by as you make your vows? They are particularly visually impressive at outdoor weddings, and the strength of the circle symbolism means you don’t need much additional décor around the altar. They’re easily styled to suit any wedding aesthetic, be it traditionally elegant, bohemian, or contemporary. Just consult your florist about what flowers and foliage would achieve what you’re envisioning and let them do the rest.

4/ Animals

animals, photogenic, wedding, photography, trends

Images by (clockwise from top left): Chris & Ruth Photography, Dawn Photo, Darren Roberts Photography, and Amanda K Photography

“Never work with animals or children” is how the old adage goes, but wedding photographers have truly debunked the supposed wisdom underpinning the saying. For many people animals are a huge part of their lives, so why wouldn’t you want them to feature in the images that capture an important moment in your life? Whether it’s your most cherished four legged companion (who’d no doubt photograph adorably as a ring-bearer), to the chickens that comprised the livelihood of the farmboy-farmgirl couple in the image above... animals infuse wedding photography with an indescribable charm and really put some heart into images that could otherwise seem staged and inauthentic.

5/ Overhead Angles

birds eye, overhead, cinema, photogenic, wedding, photography, trends

Image by Lara Hotz Photography

Overhead angle shots are photogenic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there’s a definite cinematic atmosphere inherent in the use of this angle alone – where else do you see bird’s eye view images other than in the movies? Secondly, especially for couples who aren’t used to posing for a camera, this angle is unobtrusive; without feeling self-conscious near a super zoomed-in lens you can relax and be yourselves, making it easy for the photographer to capture the romantic spirit of the day.

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