5 Myths about Summer Weddings That Just Aren't True

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

Sometimes myths about weddings can be so prevalent and pervasive that we just accept the misconception as fact. But the truth is that there are few hard and fast rules that are applicable to all weddings, and you actually have a lot more flexibility you realised. So to help you overcome the ideologies that can tether your imagination to the tried and tested during the planning process, we’ve deconstructed five of the common myths about summer weddings.


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Image by Lynn Lewis Photography & Design

An outdoor wedding has its charms, and in New Zealand, we really are spoiled for choice with regards to venues with spectacular scenery. But having your wedding in summer doesn’t mean you’re automatically signing up for a requisite ceremony on the beach/forest/garden. You can equally make the most of the beauty of the season indoors while avoiding the heat and unpredictable nature of our weather conditions (we do live in New Zealand, after all). Picking an indoor venue has a lot of perks even (/especially) in metropolitan areas, so definitely take them into consideration irrespective of what season for which your wedding date has been set. 


summer, wedding, myths, auckland

Image by Grace & Jaden Photography

Summer weddings are often associated with bright colour palettes, and online you’ll find a deluge of articles about the various combinations of candy-coloured decor and dresses from which you can choose. But there’s no reason why you should submerge your venue in shades like fuschia and sapphire if that doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the ideal wedding you had in mind. Particularly in countries like New Zealand where the climate is more temperate, a palette of crisper or more classic palettes can be just as apt and make your wedding seem more timeless in the photography. The bride in the image above, for example, opted for a palette that was “white and muted” so that the photography would emphasise the people attending the intimate ceremony. Another benefit of a colour theme featuring fewer intense hues is that more neutral tones are more natural to match, rendering the venue decorating a lot easier. 


summer, wedding, myths, auckland

Image by Grace & Jaden Photography

It’s a common misconception that summer weddings are more casual than weddings in other seasons - that just because your wedding falls in the hotter months, you must approach event planning with a ‘letting the hair down and running barefoot in the sun’ mentality. While some aspects of summer do make it easier to hold a wedding with a more casual vibe (e.g. bohemian or rustic-themed weddings), it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a formal affair. Particularly if you do opt for an indoor wedding or have it in a location where the temperatures don’t reach heat stroke-inducing levels in the summer, you can definitely have the classy, formal wedding you’ve been dreaming about.


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Image by Diana V Photography

It’s true that there are some season-specific fluctuations in cost within the wedding industry (prices do go up in response to consumer demand, and summer weddings are more popular than winter weddings). However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a wedding in the summer will always be more costly. If your venue is highly sought after and tends to be booked all year round, then it’s unlikely to charge markedly higher rates based on the season. 


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Image by Levien & Lens Photography

As mentioned previously, the stories about heat-related wedding catastrophes are usually from events held in countries with more extreme summer weather than in New Zealand. Nevertheless, if you are anticipating things to reach more uncomfortable temperatures during the day, there is a variety of things you can do to heat-proof your wedding and avoid mishaps and meltdowns. Pick a dress that is made of lighter, breathable fabrics (and strapless or sleeveless if possible). Ask your florist to help you pick the more heat-resilient blooms and make them the stunning stalwarts to feature heavily in your arrangements. Avoid buttercream on your cake. And of course, the more obvious logistical decisions include making sure there are shaded areas at your venue, hiring fans if there are any poorly ventilated areas in your venue, and supplying hydrating beverages to keep your guests going throughout the festivities. 

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