5 Top Tips to Ensure a Stunning Wedding Video

By Jetmo Project and Luke Ellery

Planning for your big day? I bet you’ve probably watched hundreds of wedding videos already. Some of them, you stopped watching after the first few minutes, others you saved and played on repeat.

Image by Andara Media 

They say that no wedding videos are created equal. No doubt, there are wedding videos that simply stand out. The best ones made you cry, or smile, and got you more excited for your own big day. So you hope and pray to the Wedding Gods that you too will be blessed with that most awesome wedding video that will remind you of the biggest and most special moments from your big day. Praying doesn't hurt, but there are a few simple ways to ensure that your wedding video will stand out too. Why don't we figure out what made those wedding videos you loved so much stand out. 


Remember that line from one of Mariah Carey’s songs, “You’ve got me feeling emotions…?” That pretty much sums it up. There are wedding videos that don’t just tug at your heartstrings, but pull you in by them. Eventually you end up so engaged feeling as though you personally know the couple and their story. Raw and candid emotions when captured on video are priceless. Tip: let go of the miniscule details of the wedding, relax and just let the day unfold. You’ll be surprised at the many different reactions and emotions that are captured on your wedding video. Also, don’t be too conscious, allow and immerse yourself to all the “feels” of the day.  

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Image by The Official Photographers

Great storytelling  

This is the very essence and perhaps the Holy Grail of a beautiful wedding video. Like watching a great movie, the images, music, and audio clips are all spot on - captivating you from beginning to end. The truth is, making a story out of a wedding is heavily dependent on the ceremony, personal vows and guest speeches. Tip: if you can, write your own personal vows. It also won’t hurt to choose wisely the speakers who’ll have the privilege to roast you at your wedding.

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Image by Kenrick Rhys Photography 

The little things 

There’s a saying that it’s the little things that matter. Wedding videos that capture the littlest details of your wedding, are the best kinds. That moment when the groom whispers I love you to the bride on their first dance, or that loving stare from the bride’s father while looking at his daughter from across the room. These are things that make a video more meaningful and beautiful. It is these little moments that add depth to the bigger picture. Tip: big or small, you never know when something unexpected might happen. Be present in the moment. 

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Image by Soul Sisters Photography 

 Make it personal

The weddings that really stand out are the personal ones. Those that show the couple in their natural element. Nothing is forced. Everything made to the couple’s liking and personality. Don’t we just love couples who are not afraid to express themselves and be themselves?  Tip:  just have fun! Personalise your wedding as much as you can - it can be your music playlist, cake design, theme or colours. Own your wedding; it’s your day after all. Collaborating and exchanging ideas with your wedding videographer would be great too. Just remember not to go overboard. Trust them with the creative process of your finished wedding video, that’s why you hired them in the first place.

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​Image by Mala Photography 


As with anything in this world, even with wedding videos, choices abound. To each his own. Know the style and the approach you want for your video. Are you more into the documentary or cinematic style? Or maybe even both? It’s important to know what you want. No matter what you choose, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that should be relished and be played on repeat for years to come. Tip: hire a wedding videographer that best matches your preferred style to capture your big day. In the end have faith that The Wedding Gods will hear you out and give you the stunning wedding video you deserve. 

Vincent & Amy Wedding Film from Jetmo Project on Vimeo.

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