5 Wedding Ideas to Express Your Individuality

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

Getting wedding inspiration from popular wedding magazines and blogs is great for wrapping your head around the basics of what you’ll need on your big day. However, making your wedding a personalised celebration of all that makes you and your partner special is harder to do if you’re just recreating the trends of the industry. To help you keep an innovative spirit in your wedding, we came up with a few ideas for steps you could take to make your event memorable (as well as representative) of your own unique style. 


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Image from MODO Photobooth 

A photo booth is indispensable when it comes to making your event one to remember. One of the best things about weddings is getting your dearest friends and family together to have some fun, and there’s nothing quite like posing for photos with a range of props (from the whimsical to the downright cheeky) to bring out the laughter. To make your photo booth stand out, make sure you put some thought into personalising the props and signs you want and discuss the various options with your vendor so that everything will complement and enhance your wedding aesthetic. In addition to giving your guests something fun to do when they’re not on the dance floor, having a photo booth also means you will have some informal (i.e. sillier) mementoes of the night in addition to the professional photography. The latest photo booth models will also have sharing functions so that on the night of your reception you can flood social media with images of your guests having a fabulous time.


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Image by Amy Kate Photography

Making your wedding have a unique feel that distinguishes it from all the others in the season doesn’t require immense amounts of effort or spending. All it needs is a bit of creative planning; adding small flourishes to classic wedding elements can elevate the aesthetic. Circle floral arches, for example, have become established as a trendy backdrop for the wedding ceremony. The couple above have made this popular design entirely their own by incorporating a lattice feature into the arch design for an overall effect that comes across as original and contemporary, yet uncompromisingly romantic. 


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Image by Joseph Willis Photography

Many wedding industry experts claim that several months down the line most guests only remember the food and entertainment. With this in mind, something you can include to make your wedding uniquely unforgettable is an assortment of quality snacks presented in a way that will leave an impression. If you’re going for snack tables, remember to think about how to create dimension in your table layout (it’s the variations in height that create a striking effect), the colour combinations on display, and the textures. And though you want to opt for snacks that will appeal to the masses, consider including some eccentric surprises to keep things interesting for those with more adventurous taste buds. 


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Image by Perspectives Photo & Cinema

It can be easy to get swept away by all the advice wedding magazines, and blogs dispense about all the ‘must-haves’. But remember that your wedding is the coming together of two people, and it’s your individual stories that make your union special. So if you have cultural or personal traditions, customs, or clothing that are meaningful to you, don’t hesitate to make them a part of the ceremony and/or celebrations. It’ll imbue your day with more meaning and, looking back, these are the details that you’ll remember and value as being the most important. 


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Image by Joseph Willis Photography

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding emanate a creative, colourful feel is by opting for mismatched outfits for your bridal party. Not only will this give your friends the freedom to pick dresses that they love (and that will perfectly flatter their body types), you’ll avoid the stifled look of being excessively coordinated that can sometimes occur when everyone has the same outfit, accessories, and hairdo. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses have emerged as a stunning trend in recent years, but the thing about this particular trend is that due its very nature of encouraging bridesmaids to express their individuality, no bridal party will ever look the same. 

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