6 Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

For those of you looking for a creative way to share the news about your recent engagement, look no further than this curated list of announcement ideas. They’re all options that will help your news stand out in the newsfeeds of your friends and family, and there’s something for every kind of couple. From the snap-happy duo to the adventurers; from the animal lovers to the artsy pair with distinct tastes. There are lots of ways to make your announcement more personalised and attention-grabbing than the standard Instagram photo of the ring-adorned hand with ‘I Said Yes’ scribbled on with a Sharpie. Here are some of our favourites.  


Images by (left to right): Olga Kubrak Photography, and Mike Arick Photography

Sparklers are a fantastic way to add some magic to your photograph. Especially if you’re a little uneasy in front of a camera, they’ll elicit genuine delight that helps convey your excitement about being engaged to the love of your life. Their luminescent properties alone will enliven any image, but if you’re up for a challenge in legible sparkler writing, you can try: make a heart to frame yourselves; write out words like ‘engaged’ or ‘love’; or even write out the date of your engagement. Just remember to come prepared to the shoot with lots of sparklers - it can be difficult to write something legible so you’ll likely need multiple attempts, and the photography is a little more challenging compared to classic couple sessions as the sparklers require longer shutter times in order to be captured in all their glittering glory. 


Image by: Allan Kendall Photography

They’re called man’s best friend for a reason, so who better to help you announce this milestone moment to the world than your four-legged friend(s)? It’s an adorable way of incorporating the furrier members of your family in a special moment - and of course, this works just as well for cats/rabbits/other types of pets, too. Your pet(s) can be holding up a save the date sign or - if you haven’t got a date locked in - a ‘My Humans Are Getting Married’ is a sweet alternative. 


Image by: PI PERFORMANCE Photography 

This one depends on a bit of planning and meteorological fortune, but incorporating a solar eclipse into your announcement can make for a particularly spectacular photograph. As the moon covers up the sun, sunlight can be seen in some parts but not others. There will be a moment when ‘The Diamond Ring Effect’ (also known as the Baily’s Beads Effect) occurs, and you see what looks like a diamond ring (a bead of sunlight set in a ring of light around the silhouette of the moon). The bride-to-be whose hand is featured in the photograph above captioned the shot with “After the diamond ring came the Diamond Ring!”. 


Image by: Grace & Jaden Photography

If your relationship is based on a love of shared adventures, why not go on one to start off the engagement? Find somewhere you’ve never been to explore together or have your photo taken in a spot where you’ve had meaningful experiences before. Either way, you’ll have a breathtaking image that speaks volumes about all the places you will go as a couple on this new journey you’ve undertaken. 


Images by (clockwise from left): Agnes Grace Photography, Levien & Lens Photography, Ralph Bella Photography

A photo of you holding hands is a staple for a professional engagement photography session, but also a classy shot to consider for your engagement announcement. The holding of hands is a universal symbol of unity, and you’ve probably done it a million times before, making it a comfortable pose to recreate in front of a camera (only this time there’ll be a ring!). A close up of your hands is perfect for showing off the ring, but you can also opt for a more subtle display of jewellery in an image like the one in the top right that focuses more on the strength and beauty of your relationship.

6/ Do a Professional Engagement Shoot 

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Image by Vivian Chen 

There are plenty of photographers in Auckland who have lots of experience with engagement shoots. They know how to capture the intimacy and love that you and your partner share and they will undoubtedly create images that do justice to your shared personalities. An engagement shoot will result in you having a handful of stunning imagery that you can use to make your announcment on social media. You can also use the images on your "save the dates" or on your wedding website should you choose to make one. The photos will also create lasting keepsakes of the precious and fleeting time that you and your partner spent together as an engaged couple before embracing the lifelong adventure that is marriage. 

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