6 Ways to Make Your Summer Wedding Unforgettable

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

Throwing an unforgettable event isn’t difficult, but any experienced events organiser will tell you that magic requires planning. The devil really does reside in the detail – and it’s the seamless coming together of all the elements – the food, entertainment, the small but significant comforts – that makes for a fantastic atmosphere. For those who are new to organising large-scale events, we’ve brought you six fundamentals to include for your summer wedding plans.


Image sourced from Little Moments Photobooth & Bar

A photo-booth is the perfect and much-needed complement to a wedding photographer. They aim to deliver carefully composed and high-quality shots. On the other hand, a photo-booth is for the guests to come away with spontaneously taken mementoes of a wild time. The more whimsical the props (think vintage, cabinet of curiosities, surrealist animal masks) the better, but all you really need is a bunch of snap-happy family and friends. With instantly printed strips of photos that guests can take home to put up on their walls, photo-booths are a crowd favourite that make memorialising your wedding easy. There is certainly no shortage in supply when it comes to photo booths, Little Moments (who provided the image above) are one of many mobile photobooths available for weddings in the Auckland region - you can see a full list here


Image of Avya Grace

Entertainment is the soul of the get-together and the one thing that guests are most likely to remember. Live music brings a unique, non-replicable charm to any event so invest in it if you can. Irrespective of whether you opt for the folk singer performing love songs on a guitar, a jazz band that throws a bit of brassy enchantment into the air, or a rock band who can tempt even grandma onto the dance floor your guests will enjoy basking in the tunes - as long as there’s no loss in momentum in the line-up. Make sure you are hiring the professionals and everything will work out perfectly; a great place to start is a booking agency like Findaband


Image by Kex Specialty Kitchen

A cornucopia of mankind’s best edible offerings, grazing-tables provide guests with a never-ending source of energy and the freedom to party as they please. The keys to leaving an impression are variety and balance – make sure you have enough fruits and veges, dips, cured meats, and (most importantly) cheeses. When it comes to cheese, you want all of the old favourites mixed in with an exciting range of artisan cheeses with complex tastes and crafted aesthetics that will spark your guests’ curiosities. The biggest task will be picking from all the available options – New Zealand has an abundance of boutique cheese farms so you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Image by Something Turquoise Photography 

In a few years’ time, it’s not the civilised evenings where everyone retires early that will be remembered. The nights our minds turn to again and again are the ones that we danced away alongside our friends and family. Supplying dancing shoes to guests can be a really thoughtful way to ensure the longevity of the party – there are few people who can last more than an hour on the dance floor in a pair of high heels. Whether it’s a pair of flats like the ones in the image above, or a pair of jandals for a ceremony on the beach, comfortable footwear will no doubt be appreciated by your guests. Just remember to get a range of sizes so that nobody misses out.


Image sourced from Mister Gelato

A great summer wedding warrants some spectacular indulgences, and today’s dessert industry will not disappoint you with the potential options. From simple classics to elaborate concoctions of jellies, syrups, creams, and fruit toppings, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. Desserts like ice creams and shaved ice are great for summer weddings because as well as satisfying your guests’ cravings for something sweet, they help everyone stay cool. Infusing ice blocks with a bit of alcohol is an adult-only option that will help keep spirits high, but make sure you have some treats for the little people too.


Images by (from left to right) Ciao Bella Studio, Sacha Blackburne, and Evermine.com

Physical discomfort is the biggest adversary of revelry at summer weddings. To keep your guests from languishing in the outdoors, little things like supplying communal insect repellent, sunblock, and sun hats can make a big difference. Items such as a nice pair of sunglasses could be given out as a weather-savvy wedding favour (and unlike many other favours, are likely to be cherished rather than tossed onto the pile of flotsam and jetsam acquired through the wedding season). These are small details that are easy to overlook, but they’ll stop your guests from going home bitten, burnt, and remembering your wedding for all the wrong reasons.

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