7 Easy to Avoid Mistakes on Your Wedding Invites

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

Wedding invitation suites need to convey a substantial amount of information to your guests. This means that mistakes can easily be made and missed: some of the common errors fall in the faux pas category; some mutate the details so that your guests have incorrect information about the ceremony; others are just regrettable typos that make your wedding stationery look less than perfect. However, with hypervigilant checking (ideally by more than one person) these mistakes are just as easy to avoid, as long as you’re aware of the potential pitfalls. So here are seven common mistakes to watch out for when proofreading the details for your invites. 


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Checking the spelling, grammar, and punctuation may seem like the obvious proofreading basics (they are), but they’re also very common and costly errors that could even require a new batch of invites to be purchased (there’s nothing quite like misspelling a parent-in-law’s name to convey the wrong message). A cursory glance will easily fail to pick up mistakes, especially if you’ve gone with a flamboyant font or hand calligraphy, so make sure you pay attention and go over all the information several times.


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Putting the wrong ceremony details on your invites is a calamitous mistake in the world of wedding planning. The extent of the damage will depend on when you realise the mistake has been made - the earlier you notice, the more time you’ll have to contact your guests to give them the correct information.The irony is that this kind of mistake undermines the whole point of sending invitations in the first place, so make sure you double check that the date and time are accurately stated.


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If your wedding venue is in a remote destination, or difficult to find due to poor signage or some other reason, it’s a thoughtful idea to include some helpful details for guests about how to navigate their way to the correct address. Not only will it make the journey easier - especially for those who are unfamiliar with the area - but it means that your guests are more likely to arrive on time so that there aren’t any delays to the day’s schedule


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The RSVP is important to have clearly stated on your invites so that you can plan logistics with vendors such as caterers. If you’ve opted to send out staggered invites to try keep your ceremony an intimate affair, take the time to really make sure that you’ve got the correct later RSVP date on the second or third wave invitations. Trimming down a wedding list is a tricky situation at the best of times; your invite recipient noticing that the RSVP date has already passed is a quick way of ensuring they really know where they stand in your affections. 


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In addition to the RSVP date, confirm that you’ve included the correct details of the person you’ve designated to receive the response cards (or labelled the response envelope with their name and address). Checking this information thoroughly only takes a fraction of the time it’d take to have to individually re-obtain the RSVPs your guests have sent to the incorrect address. 


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For the most visual impact, your wedding invitation suite should have a cohesive feel; the different components should have a consistent font(s) and colour palette. Double check that this visual cohesion extends to your envelopes, too. Your wedding stationery is the first glimpse guests will get of your wedding’s aesthetic - make sure it’s one that elicits anticipation rather than scepticism about the event to come. 


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Wedding stationery is often printed on high-quality materials that weigh more than your standard fare for daily use. Before sending out the invites, make sure to take the assembled envelope to the post office to obtain an accurate postage cost so that you don’t end up with a stack of mail returned to sender. Finally, a detail that is easy to overlook is including postage on the response envelopes - the easier you make it for the recipients to return the RSVP, the earlier you’ll have a headcount of guests with which to work in the planning process. Not to mention that it’s part of good invitation etiquette to spare your guests the inconvenience of having to go out and buy stamps in this increasingly digital age. 

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