7 Great Reasons to Include a Photo Booth at Your Wedding


Considering hiring a photo booth for your wedding? This week Dion Howard, director and inventor of The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, gives seven fabulous reasons why hiring a photo booth for your special day is a decision you won’t regret.

You probably realise by now that weddings cost a lot of money. Less than half of couples getting married have a budget under $20,000, and it goes up from there. Most of your wedding budget will go towards the necessities of entertaining and hosting your guests, for example - the venue, feeding and ‘watering’. Then there is all the frou frou that you can’t do without, like the dress, make-up and hair.

So, while a photo booth may not be the first item on your wedding budget, we have compiled seven reasons why hiring a booth will be one of the best decisions you make and something your wedding guests will remember for years to come!

Reason #1 Make history.

My Dad still keeps a photobooth photo in his wallet of him and my Mum, from 1972. Imagine, in 40 years’ time pulling the photo of you and your sweetheart out of your wallet to show your kids...or even your kids’ kids.

Reason #2 Sharing is caring.

Providing a keepsake for your guests is a wonderful gesture. An actual printed photo from the moment of your wedding will be full of meaning to your guests, and you get to keep one too!

Reason #3 It’s a boredom buster.

Not that your wedding could ever be boring, but having something to break the ice, and warm guests up is a great idea. Letting your guests enjoy a booth while you and your beloved are away having photos will keep everyone entertained.

Reason #4 It’s a memory maker.

A photo booth doesn’t just take photos, it makes moments. The simple process of sitting in the privacy of a booth, relaxed, away from the gaze of others, or photographers with their big lenses, affords people the opportunity for a sneaky kiss, or some other form of silliness. You will love looking through these photos of your friends and family.

Reason #5 It’s digital AND it’s not.

Prints rule! Sunday Magazine hit the nail on the head recently when they recognised that you can’t put your iphone on your fridge. People will take their prints home and place them where they will see them every day.

Reason #6 A perfect baby-sitter.

Have you invited children? A booth is irresistible to children. Any photobooth service worthy of being a supplier for weddings will be only too happy to entertain kids while parents get to catch up with old friends.

Reason #7 It’s not all about you.

Let’s be honest though, it is all about you. You and your friends and family. A photographer is master or mistress of making art out of your wedding images, ensuring everything is perfect and just so. A booth, on the other hand, is the democratising approach to photographs, capturing all of your guests, as is where is. And no one can deny there is a certain wonderful joy in that.

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