7 Great Reasons to Include a Photo Booth at Your Wedding


In this age of technology, there's one thing just about everyone is fond of: snapping a photo. Whether it's of friends, family, ourselves or the world around us, photos remain as ageless keepsakes for us to scroll through in fond recollection. So why not embrace this at your wedding? Photo booths are a charmingly cool addition to any wedding event, and we've got Dion Howard, director and inventor of The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, to give you 7 reasons as to why that is.

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1/ Make history

My dad still keeps a photobooth photo of him and my mum from 1972 in his wallet. Imagine, in 40 years’ time, pulling a photo of you and your sweetheart from your wallet to show your kids... or even your kids’ kids. These photos give us memories that last for years and years. They capture a moment of happiness that lasts forever, and nothing is more precious than that.


Providing a momento of the day for your guests is a wonderful gesture. An actual, printed photo from the moment of your wedding will be full of meaning to your loved ones, and can serve as wedding favours for all of those in attendance. On top of that, you'll also get an additional set of candid wedding photos!


Not that your wedding could ever be boring, but it's important to keep guests entertained at weddings. Photo booths provde a fun activity for everyone to participate in and take away a real reward from. Whilst you're having photos snapped away, let your guests do the same and feel more a part of your day than ever.

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A photo booth doesn’t just take photos, it creates moments. The act of settling down in the privacy of a cosy booth as the wedding continues in the background, a harmony of music and laughter, affords people with a chance for a hidden kiss, a tender look or unabashed sillness. Everyone will look back at the time they sat in the photo booth and treasure the moment − including you.


Prints are perfect rectangles of joy. After all, you can't stick your iPhone on your fridge. Real memories deserve real forms − photo booths award you with exactly that. People will take their prints home and display them with pride. Your wedding can stay with them day in and day out.


Photo booths are irresistible to children. They're fascinating, almost magical, to their curious hearts, and many photo booth services are willing to lend an extra hand with kids whilst the grownups swap stories. A wedding can't always cater to a child's ability to run circles around a dining room, but a photo booth sure can.

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Photographers are maestros of capturing your day. They're going to ensure picture-perfect images, with dazzling smiles and the ideal lighting for every shot. Photo booths, on the other hand, democratise the approach to photographs: guests are captured on their own terms, in their own ways, in all their carefree joy. They've got total control over what happens, and each free burst of laughter in the booth is going to make that totally worth it.

Edited from an original article by Lydia Martin.

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