7 Natural Posing Tips for Your Wedding Photos


As a wedding photographer I focus on the natural moments between my couples and do everything I can to make them feel at ease in front of my camera. My style is editorial and relaxed, so I don’t overly pose my couples. Instead, I ask them to move into certain positions or look at each other – this helps them to feel comfortable and pose naturally which results in great photographs. If you’re the kind of person who likes to feel prepared, take a look at my top tips for achieving the best wedding photos on your big day!

1. Relax – Easier said than done I know, but try to let your face and shoulders relax. If you tense up each time the camera points at you, it’ll show in every shot. Your photographer should be able to give you small directions to help you look and feel relaxed. An engagement shoot is a great way to practise this beforehand so that you feel more relaxed on your big day. An engagement shoot is also a brilliant way to get casual and natural shots of you both. I often recommend my couples use these for save the date cards or for their wedding guest book.

2. Touch one another - Always have at least one point of contact with your partner. Holding hands, touching shoulders or even interlinking fingers will add to the sense of connection in your photographs. And it feels good! Interacting with one another with plenty of eye contact helps you focus more on each other and less on your photographer.

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3. Almost kiss - The “almost kiss” is an awesome way to create a natural looking wedding pose. Move just close enough to one another to kiss without kissing – this creates a beautiful moment of tension (and the added bonus that once the photograph is taken you can move in for the full kiss!) which will become a beautiful photograph.

4. Smile – Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your lives, so this one should be easy! Everyone looks amazing when they’re wearing a smile. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer if you need a quick break from photos to catch your breath, sip your champagne or giggle with your bridesmaids.  

5. Don’t always look at the camera – The natural shots are more often than not most couple’s favourite images from their day. Your photographer will often guide you into a pose but really they’ll be paying attention to those magical in-between moments where you and your guests are joking and smiling naturally, or when you as a couple are sharing a real moment of love, or simply that “OMG we’re married!!!” realisation. These are the real gems of your wedding day and can’t be orchestrated, so just act as you normally would and your photographer will capture the magic.

6. Towards the lights – Photography is all about light and light is the difference between an average and an awesome photograph. Throughout your wedding day you can be mindful of where you position yourself, and always try to face towards the light (even for candid moments), Your photographer will thank you for this one and you’ll love the results!

7. Movement – If you’re feeling awkward in front of the camera, try this one - movement. This can be as simple as twirling in your dress, walking towards or away from the camera, or leaning into your partner for a kiss or a snuggle. 

Your photographer will no doubt be able to guide you into most of these poses, but knowing upfront what to expect and what looks good will help create better and more natural looking photographs. This leaves you to focus on simply being in the moment and enjoying your wedding day - which will undoubtedly be one of the best days of your life!


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