8 Most Beautiful Wedding Moments Worth Remembering
By Luke Ellery

25 July 2016

Weddings are so special, full of love, laughter, tears and unexpected moments. For a day that seems so busy and maybe even chaotic there are so many truley beautiful moments - some of them even the bride can miss. A wedding photographer can capture these moments and you can enjoy them for years to come. Each bride and groom will tell you a different story of a magic moment from thier big day: Moments like, getting ready, the first look, the ceremony, the bride and groom intimate session, the speeches, the cake cutting and first dance at the reception. We have put together a collection of some of our favorite moments captured in beautiful pictures. Weddings provide thousands of amazing moments but we have narrowed it down to 8that we felt really speak from the heart.

All Images by Levien & Lens Photography

1/ Getting ready

Donning the dress, the hair, and the makeup all together for the first time can be very exciting. Before she becomes surrounded by guests and attention, this bride takes a moment to have some air on the balcony. 

Getting ready, wedding, preparation, dress, bride

2/ First Look 

A proud father shares an emotional moment with his soon-to-be-married daughter. The first look happens fairly early on in the day, the emotions will get more and more overwhelming as the day goes on.  

first look, wedding, bridal, beauty

Above image awarded bronze in NZIPP Iris Awards for Classic Wedding photography 

3/ Pre-ceremony

This sweet and supportive father fixes his daughter's hair before she goes down the aisle. All the while, the bride is taking a moment to be still before the excitment takes over. 

bride, wedding, father, beautiful

4/ Post-ceremony

This couple shares a romantic moment after the ceremony and away from their guests. Married life for these two is just begining, and they are spending these early moments perfectly. 

Bride, groom, kiss, wedding, ceremony

5/ Bride & Groom session

The bride and groom session is the perfect moment to show off the aspects of your wedding day you personally don't want to forget. Things like the bridal-look, the setting, the flowers and the dress. Even though photos from these sessions are thought out in advance, a good wedding photographer will always capture the natural intamacy of a bride and groom. 

bride and groom, intimate, photography, wedding

6/ Bridal Portrait

The bridal portrait shoot helps the bride remember just how stunning she looked, and how much she glowed with happiness on the big day! This shot captures the beautiful glow of the bride surrounded by a classic New Zealand backdrop.

wedding, ceremony, bridal shoot, bride, dress

Above image awarded bronze in NZIPP Iris Awards for Creative Wedding Photography 

7/ First Dance

A fun and romantic way to show yourself off to the guests. This stunning couple, with a gentle hold, dance among their family and friends.

first dance, bride, groom, wedding, reception

8/ Speeches

During the reception, those closest to the bride and groom get to publically express their joy for the married couple in their toasts. It always brings a smile to the face of everyone present and it never fails to draw a few tears - happy ones. This shot shows a flower-girl taking a picture of the bride and groom during a reception speech given by a member of the bridal party. Funny and touching moments, like this one, are perfect to have immortalised in a photo so you can look back on it and laugh, or smile, or cry with fond memories. 

wedding, reception, speeches, bride, groom, cute, bridesmaid