Auckland Pop-Up Weddings
By Raashka Mannie

17 December 2020

Pop goes the wedding!

Fast, fabulous and fashionable - these are the three cornerstones of pop-up weddings all over the globe. They're meant to be as flexible and fun as they are quick, planned out meticulously and executed flawlessly. Couples love them for all sorts of reasons, whether they're strained for time or just looking to elope in a whirlwind of romance. If you're after a pop-up wedding, you've come to the right list.


Darling I Do

Image by Hayley Roberts

You'll be spoiled when it comes to Darling I Do, experts in wedding planning, styling and, of course, pop-up weddings. They've been in the industry for years, with a single and determined intent to create weddings that take your breath away. If these weddings happen to be pop-up ones, then all the better. Boasting a modern, chic style that lends itself to everything, from contemporary to bohemian, Darling I Do's pop-up weddings are testaments to the joys of seamless planning, quick thinking and honed talent, delivering the very best for your pop-up extravaganza.