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Are you looking for luxury wedding cars without the price tag? Prestige Rental Cars offer some of Auckland's very best wedding cars at an incredibly affordable price. Prestige Rental Cars specialise in offering luxury wedding cars, complete with wedding ribbons (at no additional cost) and luxury all leather interiors. Get in touch now to discuss your wedding car requirements. All prices below are including gst. 2018 Mercedes C250 The pinnacle of elegance and intelligence. $399 per day (24hr) 2013 Jaguar XF S Premium Luxury Looking for the best of the best? Discover stylish design and luxury craftsmanship combined with unparalleled performance with our 2013 Jaguar X F Type, seen above in black. This luxury sedan has all the refinement of our silver X-Type vehicles combined with a muscular, sporty look. The XF makes a perfect groom's vehicle in contrast to a silver X Type. $399 per day (24hr) Contact us today and book your luxury wedding vehicles at Auckland's most competitive prices.

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