Auckland Wedding Food Trucks

10 December 2020

Be bold, be stylish, be modern - find a food truck that you adore and bring them along to your wedding day.

It's a fashionable choice, sure, but it's also a great one. You can serve up multiple things or limit the menu to a speciality dish that you adore. Food Trucks allow you to be creative and funky; they allow your wedding to have an edge to it that strays away from traditional, sit-down meals that require a ton more planning that you might not want to go through. For something more casual and equally delicious, a wedding Food Truck is a simple answer.


Urban Flair

Image by Urban Flair

There's nothing like a food truck to fuel you and your guests. Drawing inspiration from France, Spain and more, this Auckland caterer knows how to serve up only the best at your wedding. Urban Flair does everything from canapés to multi-course meals, planning menus that are sure to dazzle. Whether you're after something light and festive or a grand sit-down dinner to celebrate your special day, you can rest assured that your wedding catering is in the most talented hands. As a local, small business, Urban Flair prides itself on locally-sourced ingredients, as well as biodegradable, eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, containers and cutlery.


Food Truck Collective

Image by Food Truck Collective

Say something special with the Food Truck Collective, an Auckland wedding caterer that offers a twist. Comprised of flexible and gifted chefs that create incredible, authentic and vibrant meals that burst with flavour and leave you wanting more every time, they boast up to 70 of the best food trucks around. They know the struggle that comes with planning your wedding catering and menus, so they're here to help whip away the helter-skelter with their talent. Guests can enjoy watching their food prepared to perfection before their eyes before settling down on our themed and stylish furniture that's also for hire. Food Truck Collective brings you wedding catering like none other.