Bayly and Moore

We’ve been shooting together from the first moment we met (backstage at a music festival, before you ask) and we’ve both always loved art, music, good food, and being around the kind of people who make you think and laugh, and are always up for pushing the boat out just that lil bit more. And then we discovered people in love and the crazy trip of using all of these things to tell their wonderful stories… and we’ve been absolutely hooked ever since. It really is that simple – being alongside a couple of beautiful human beings, experiencing love in all the ways you can imagine, living and breathing it like it’s bread and air. That’s us. Soph & Si

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damien & nastia

Si and Soph are two of the most genuine and lovely humans that we ever crossed paths with. After only spending minutes with them, we felt like we had already known them for years. Not only did they capture true and honest moments for us to cherish for a lifetime but they also made the whole experience of eloping even more special. We left Bruny Island with some new friends and are forever grateful for all the love and wizardry that they put into their craft. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. With love, Damien & Nastia.

Jane & Simeon

Hiring Si & Soph as our wedding photographers was one of the best decisions of our wedding planning. They were SO much fun and involved themselves in all parts of the wedding, which made it so easy to be ourselves whilst having photos taken. Their style is so beautiful and they’ve created art for us to remember the day by. Best people. Best couple. Best photographers.

Jenna DiGiovanni

5 stars over and over again. We LOVED this talented power couple and adore our photos. My husband and I are eternally grateful to have had Sophia and Si as our photographers to capture every moment of our wedding. Prior to the wedding, my now husband and I rarely took photos. We hated posing, smiling and "acting" for a camera. But Sophia and Si had this magical way about them-- they made the portraits feel natural, took us to spaces that didn't feel stiff, and gave easy directions which produced hundreds of AMAZING photos Even our wedding party and families raved about how fun, cool and calm Sophia and Si were and how easy they made the whole day. Together, they got so many great candid shots, wonderful group photos, and perfect portraits. They never got in the way, but at the same time kept us on track and made sure we got every photo we had asked for. Moreover, their style is so unique and special and we would have never ever found that in another photographer- let alone TWO. Hands down one of the BEST choices we made for our wedding was working with Sophia and Si!!

Christine Jarreau

We absolutely love Soph and Si. Working with them for our wedding was honestly a dream come true. I had followed and admired their art for years and as soon as my husband and I began planning our wedding, they were immediately our top priority. After getting to know them and feeling like it was a perfect fit, we were told their availability for booking and we chose our wedding date based on that alone. It was an honor to have them capture our special moments through their lens. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and intend to work with them again. Very thankful for their contribution to our very special memories. Beautiful art by beautiful artists.

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