Looking sharp on the big day isn't a one-man job. That's why we're here. Devonché is dedicated to helping you look and feel incredible, without any of the stress. You don't settle for second best, and neither do we. We take fitting to a whole new level with our exclusive 3D scanning technology, not in use by any other made-to-measure retailer in New Zealand. This technology creates a 3D scan of your body which we use to identify your measurements resulting in the absolute perfect fit. We deliver your measurements while you enjoy a cold beer on us. Easy as that. One-on-One Consultations: Our one-on-one consultation is all about achieving the best result for you. That's why we're open from 8am to 8pm, for your convenience. Devonché takes you through the design process, so you contribute to the entire aesthetic of your suit. Coming out for the process with a suit designed for you, by you, makes it all the more special. The ability to choose cost effective and stylish fabrics means you end up with a unique, timeless and personalised suit that doesn’t break the bank. If you're in the market for all the groomsmen, this can become a very cost effective way to have all the boys looking fresh, stylish, and one-of-a-kind on the big day. However, don't feel restricted. Devonché has a full range of premium fabric options. So, if you have room in the wedding budget, there is no harm in coming out of it with a more extravagant suit. We have deals for you and your groomsmen! As soon as we have your details, we can create a package just for you. Made to measure suits starting from $350 & $750 Start your journey to perfection and book a consultation. Together we can design the perfect suit for your wedding. Are you ready to be the sharpest groom in the block?

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8am - 8pm Monday to Sunday


20 Garfield St, Parnell


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17 Mar 2017

I attended a Devonché trunk show, and even though there were heaps of people there, I still got the full treatment. I was a part of the entire design process - right down to selecting the colour of the button hole stitching. The 3D scanner was rad! You just stand and spin around slowly a few times and then they have a 3D replica of your body which comes with pages of measurements they can use to fit the suit to your body. I am so keen for my suit to arrive!

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