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Tailor Made Suits

Our family has been part of the textile industry for over 60 years. Our hometown in Vietnam is famous for tailoring custom suits for international visitors, often within a single day, and much of the time requiring no further alterations. So we do it once and we do it right!

With experience catering to markets from around the globe we know the latest trends and designs. We hire the best tailors to work with us in our factory, and the most committed team to work in our NZ operations. We also offer a variety of fabric designs at affordable prices and travel around the country to take measurements to ensure the best fit and quality garments for our customers. On your wedding you want to look your very best. You’ve found your partner in life, now it’s time to find the right suit to wear when you celebrate your love for that special person.

How to pick a suit:
Your wedding day is the moment that you should look your sharpest. Not just for yourself but also for your bride and the pricey photographer. This is an opportunity to escape the corporate boardroom and a time to deviate from your everyday look. By wearing a three-piece not only will you elevate your suit game but it will make you the star of the wedding, second only to the bride of course.

A formal or casual suit?
This can depend on a number of factors including the tone of your wedding, the season, the time of the day the ceremony is taking place, location and, of course, you and your fiancé’s personal tastes. As a general rule, we say that a formal suit is your best bet. However, it is very common to wear a casual suit for an outdoor or beach wedding.

What about the fabric, form and fit?
These are some of the main differences between what makes a suit formal or casual. Firstly, you want the fabric to go with the overall look of the wedding and with your brides help you can avoid getting a suit that will clash with her dress. The form and the fit of a suit is very important because you cannot look sharp in shapeless fabric that would make Harvey Specter shake his head in shame. If you get a custom tailored suit from us this does not happen. We have tailored thousands of suits for New Zealanders, not including our experience overseas. For this reason, we are more than happy to discuss your ideas for your wedding to get you the perfect suit.

Are you based in Auckland?
We are the most flexible suit company in the country. If you and your groomsmen live in the Auckland region we can fit and measure each of you in our new showroom. We can even visit you outside of our regular business hours to help make organizing your wedding as simple and convenient as possible.

What if your groomsmen don’t live locally?
Do your groomsmen live in Wellington or Christchurch? We regularly do measurement tours where we can arrange to look after your groomsmen as well. So if they live all around the country, we can help! If you have groomsmen that live overseas that’s not a problem either. We can send them a detailed measurement guide so that they can visit a local tailor to be correctly measured.

Don’t forget our discounts on group orders. For group orders we can provide some great discounts on our retail prices.

Contact us for more information or come in and see us.

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Business hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-5.30pm, Sun: 11am - 4.30pm

Phone: 0 800 SUIT UP

Address: 8-51 William Pickering Drive, Albany


Website: TailorMadeSuits.co.nz/


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