5 Of Auckland's Top Spots for Valentines Day

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

The most romantic night of the year is just one sleep away. If you haven’t yet finalised your plans, you should get online and start making bookings as soon as possible. Auckland has a range of experiences on offer tomorrow night - there’s something for every kind of couple, from the traditionalists to those hoping for something that deviates from the typical date night. If you need a little nudge choosing what to do, here are five of our favourite spots for spending Valentine’s Day in 2018. 


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Image by Dreamtime Images

Though the weather forecast doesn’t portend clear skies that make for great stargazing, that doesn’t mean your night has to be devoid of the sparkle of celestial wonder. The Stardome have produced a planetarium night sky show featuring the most romantic beings our universe has to offer this Valentine’s. In addition to enjoying the many event perks such as drinks and canapes on arrival, music, sampling room (featuring Lewis Road Creamery), and fairy-light photo wall at the event, each couple will also leave with a bottle of VIlla Maria Rose, wine glasses, an Adopt A Star Pack, and shareable gifts. 


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Image sourced via Auckland Museum 

If your relationship is all about growth and pushing boundaries, consider Auckland Museum’s collaboration event with Auckland Pride Festival celebrating the transexual and non-binary experience and journey in Aotearoa. With a panel moderated by Victor Rodger (award-winning playwright) and a live performance by FAFSWAG, it’s set to be an exciting night revolving around progress made and yet to be made toward a more inclusive future that upholds all humans’ rights. With an inspiring lineup of panel guests including Georgina Beyer (the first transsexual mayor in the world), Lexie Matheson (Senior Lecturer and Academic Equity Leader at AUT), Nikolai Talamahina (performance artist and DJ), and Aych McArdle (grass roots activist), there’s no way your conversations afterward will lapse into cliched V-day date talk.


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Image sourced from Pilkingtons

If you’re a bit of an old-school romantic (or a total foodie at heart), nothing will beat the joys of taking your significant other out for some fine dining. Our establishment of choice would be Pilkingtons, where you can get a glass of bubbles, two exquisitely prepared courses, a dessert (to share, of course), and an optional wine matching if you feel so inclined on the night. A convenient walk away from the happenings at Silo Park (more details coming soon), Academy Cinemas if you want to catch their screening of Louis Malle’s The Lovers (Les Amants), and a variety of cocktail bars, you’ll be perfectly situated to follow the mood of the night. 


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Image sourced via Heart of the City 

Wander over to Silo Park for their 9 pm screening of the cult classic The Princess Bride. Bursting with wit and whimsy, it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day movie featuring a princess, a malevolent prince, giants, a young man obliquely attesting his affections, and plenty of sword brandishing to boot. If you go a bit earlier, you’ll also get your pick of the best the Silo Markets (open from 12 pm) has to offer: arts and crafts, fashion and accessories, and food trucks (just ready yourself for over-indulgence). 


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Image sourced from Cordis, Auckland

To finish off the perfect evening, opt to retire into the folds of luxury (and not having to make your bed the morning after). Even if it is just for the one night, an urban getaway to a newly refurbished room at Corids - the (soon to be) largest hotel in New Zealand - will help make this Valentine’s a night to remember. And the experience might just leave you feeling like you really are on holiday, as a tourist in your own town. 

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