10 Gorgeous Neon Wedding Signs
By Raashka Mannie

26 November 2019

Neon weddings signs are here to light up your wedding. What's better than your love shining bright into the night?

Wedding lighting is more than just golden hour and lamps flickering as you slow dance your way around the room. Wedding lighting is also about the statement you make - and what better way to make one than neon wedding signs. They add a retro touch, are customisable, and look cute in the coolest of ways. What's not to love?

We've got Tom from Radikal Neon, our neon sign experts, to share some of his favourite neon signs with us, and to give us a quick rundown of how to get a neon wedding sign at all. We're talking cost, set up, the whole shebang, which will make choosing your statement wedding lighting a million times easier.

Take a look at 10 of the prettiest neon wedding signs below!


1/ "Without you, nothing"

Image by Radikal Neon

Get creative with fonts and colours! Here's a quote that sums up the couple's feelings especially well in a standout colour. The subtle difference in fonts between 'without you' and 'nothing' is as impactful as the statement itself. Goosebumps, guys.


2/ "Crazy in Love"

Image by Radikal Neon

A classic from the Queen B herself, this quote is as popular as it is cute. Let's all just appreciate this neon sign for what it is: a true work of pink art.


3/ "Je t'aime"

Image by Radikal Neon

Go classic, but make it French. With the language of love at your side, you're sure to make a statement with this neon sign. J'adore!


4/ "Let my love adorn you"

Image by Radikal Neon

Fondly called one of the greatest love songs of the 2010s, this is a great choice: funky, cool and full of love. The same way that the stars adorn the skies, you gotta let my love adorn you.


5/ "Married AF"

Image by Radikal Neon

This is a sign that says, "We're married, but we're trendy about it." You're not just married, of course, but married AF - and I give props to this couple for that.


6/ I heart you!

Image by Radikal Neon

Why use words when a giant heart can do the trick? You can light it up with whatever shape you please, but a heart is a classic. You can never go wrong with a glowing heart at your wedding.


7/ "I'll keep you on"

Image by Radikal Neon

Say something meaningful to your partner. Maybe it's an inside joke, or something extra special to the both of you. Your neon sign can be a tangible reminder of that beloved secret.


8/ "This must be the place"

Image by Radikal Neon

Because this must be the place, right? That paradise, those Elysian fields. Without a doubt, it must be the place. We're so glad you've made it.


9/ "Eternity"

Image by Radikal Neon

The alternate version of 'forever and always,' but much pithier. Neon wedding signs can also be used to brighten up otherwise uninteresting spaces, like with these wine barrels. Talk about multitasking!


10/ "You + Me"

Image by Radikal Neon

We're going back to the basics, with the simplest equation in the world, because nothing makes more sense than you + me.




1/ Are neon signs purchase or hire?

At Radikal Neon, all of our signs are custom-made for purchase! However, we started our sister company, Hire Neon, for this exact purpose, meaning we also offer a sizeable range of signs for your next event! Hire Neon features 19 designs that will light up your big day.


2/ How do I set it up? Do you do it for me?

Our signs are as simple to install as hanging a painting - a painting that then plugs in and glows! However, we do recommend at least two people to assist with installation. But, generally, you won’t need an electrician for this one unless you’re looking to wire your sign to a lightswitch. If you’d prefer a professional to assist with installation, we can totally arrange that.


3/ What installation options do I have?

When buying any custom signs from Radikal Neon, you will get the opportunity to select either the Suspensions Wires or the Stand-off Mounting screws (each option is totally complimentary). We also make freestanding signs using a solid acrylic base to help signs stand alone.

But when using our signs for temporary installations, like weddings, engagements and other events, we’d suggest using fishing wire, 3M Strips, using existing painting hooks, or even zipties to fix the sign in position. Our signs are traditionally lightweight and non-fragile, so non-permanent options can be applied without too much trouble. This can be remarkably helpful at venues that don’t allow the use of a drill because of permanent fixings/wall damage/etc.


4/ What’s the cost?

 You can get an idea of the costing by playing around with our Custom Neon Builder tool. Generally, prices for wedding favourites (like our signature ‘initials’ lights) start at $299 and price upward from there. There’s not much we can’t make or do. Whatever the message or moment, we’re here for it.


To find out more about Radikal Neon and getting your own neon wedding sign, check them out here.