4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Picnic Wedding
By Lydia Martin

20 July 2015

Think back to some of your fondest memories. Chances are there will be a picnic somewhere in there! Maybe you picnicked in a field with your loved one while dating or perhaps “the question” was popped during a romantic picnic on the beach. Picnics bring people & the best things in life together - family, friends, romance, nature, sunshine, relaxation and of course food, there is so much about having a picnic that is a cause for celebration. So why not consider having a picnic for your wedding, one of the biggest, most meaningful celebrations of your life!

1/ Picnics suit any kind of wedding

Choosing to have a picnic wedding in no way means you need to compromise on style or sophistication, it can be as formal or casual as desired. And the beauty of having a moveable feast means you can go almost anywhere! Maybe your idea of the perfect wedding would be atop a hill, at dawn, watching the sun come up while feasting on fresh croissants, juicy strawberries and sipping champagne. Or you could choose your favourite spot – a place which holds special meaning for the both of you.

Picture this: Tables draped in white linen, ribbon backed chairs situated under a grove of pohutukawa trees, fairy lights stringed through the boughs, and all just metres away from the waves of your favourite beach. Or this: Cosy blankets and cushions strewn across a swathe of lawn, a croquet pitch set up, and a trolley serving delicious cocktails while musicians play and guests dance. Don’t they both sound perfect!

2/ Picnics are inexpensive

Depending on the location you opt for, the venue or location for your picnic reception may be free and the costs of catering for a formal sit down or buffet style meal with waiting staff, table decorations and corkage fees are significantly diminished. 

3/ Picnics provide freedom

Another positive is that you aren’t tied down to a venue’s time schedule.  A perfectly packed picnic can be served when it best suits everyone.  If the photos take a little longer than expected there won’t be any need to worry about the food going cold or sitting out in the sun.  If you want to spend a little more time talking to friends, taking snaps, playing a game of beach cricket or lawn petanque, you can!

Picnic weddings epitomise romance, warmth and intimacy.  Instead of being stuck at the ‘top table,’ picnics offer the newlywed couple a chance to relax and mingle freely with family and friends.  One couple we worked with hand rolled ice creams and served them to their guests for dessert.  It was a sweet, simple gesture that everybody loved and created a wonderful memory. 

4/ Picnics are flexible

Many couples opt to provide picnics to their guests while they are away having photos take. Others choose to have a picnic get together the day after the wedding as a way of thanking guests and saying goodbyes before heading off on the honeymoon. A perfect and delicious parting present!

Ultimately, picnic weddings offer a wonderful chance for couples to share their day in a way that’s a little bit different and unexpected.  At Picnic Box Limited, their passion is creating scrumptious picnics. They love talking weddings, so if you need help or advice on planning your picnic wedding click here!