Trend Alert: 4 Stunning Styles for Your Wedding Bouquet
By Esther Dawson

21 June 2015

Wedding bouquets have undergone significant changes over the years, from extravagant over-the-arm sheaf bouquets, to simple, rose posies. Presently, wedding bouquets come in a huge range of acceptable styles. You may have a particular theme already in mind, or none at all, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Willoughby Road to bring you the top 4 trending floral styles for any wedding. From big, loose and vintage, to elegant, structured and modern, the list covers them all, providing an insight into current wedding floral trends.

1. Big, Loose & Vintage

Increasingly popular with many brides, the big, loose, vintage bouquet is all about mixing colours and textures with a variety of flowers to produce something quite unique.  Often, these wedding bouquets are unstructured and impressively large.  Either overflowing with greenery or featuring beautiful blocks of pastel or deeper-toned colours, the vintage bouquet complements simple bridal dresses or lace gowns.  Peonies, dahlias or David Austin Roses are common choices for the focal flower and greenery such as eucalyptus, jasmine or ivy create the unstructured look.  Most vintage-style bouquets are hand-tied and use twine, lace or some other fabric to bind the stems.  Another unique idea is the incorporation of a family heirloom such as a brooch or cameo fastened to the binding.  Anything goes for these impressive floral masterpieces, making them a beautiful and creative addition to your wedding.

wildflower wedding bouquet

2. Wild, Simple & Country

Over the last several years, the country-garden style posy has made an appearance, bringing with it the previously-fashionable gypsophila bouquet.  After thirty years, gypsophila has come back into popularity with many brides choosing only this flower for their bouquet.  Boutonnières and hair flowers also feature gypsophila which is chosen for its light, delicate look.  The country-garden wedding is a popular theme that features a hand-picked, wild flower style.  These bouquets are characterised by stems of small-headed flowers effortlessly bunched together and bound with ribbon or raffia.  Queen Anne’s lace, small daisies, stock and delphiniums are common choices for the garden style posy and are perfect for a relaxed, garden wedding.

modern wedding bouquet

3. Elegant, Structured & Modern

The elegant rose bouquet is possibly the most timeless and universal wedding floral style.  In either the posy or teardrop style, this bouquet varies quite significantly from the vintage style.  The size and shape is usually circular and uniform, although the mix and colour of flowers tend to vary.  Some brides choose a bouquet made of roses alone, preferring the simple, elegant look over the busy, rustic style.  Peonies and other single-headed flowers are also commonly chosen.  This gives the bride a chance to choose an extravagant or detailed dress.  While the vintage/rustic wedding theme is very popular, many brides still choose a more traditionally minimalistic wedding with matching colours and simple décor.  The elegant, structured, rose bouquet won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

tropical wedding bouquet

4. Colourful, Unique & Tropical

The colourful, tropical bouquet is the perfect choice for a bride wanting something a little different.  Bright and bold colours are combined with flowers such as lilies, succulents, orchids, lotus pods or pompom chrysanthemums to create a gorgeous, floral feature.  These bouquets are fairly unstructured and come in both earthy and colourful tones.  Large, impressive protea or vibrant, cymbidium orchids are two examples of the stunning flowers that can be used as the main distinguishing feature. Your wedding bouquet is one of the best elements of your wedding through which to show your personality and style.  Why not go all out and choose a stunning, tropical bouquet?  It may not fit traditional expectations, but if you’re not traditional then your bouquet doesn’t need to be either!