5 of the Most Amazing Wedding Photo Locations in Auckland
By Lydia Martin

09 February 2017

One of the most common questions brides & grooms-to-be ask their photographer is: "Where is the best place in Auckland for us to go for our photos?" So with this in mind, we asked the talented duo, Catherine & Paul from Robinson Creative, to tell us their 5 favourite wedding photo locations of all time!

When choosing a location, it's best to start by thinking of the places which are special to you as a couple. Ask yourself: where were my favourite places to go when I was younger? Where were we when my fiance proposed?I (Paul) remember shooting in an alley in Howick one time because the groom & groomsmen had fond memories of escaping down it when they were teenagers after a slight... ah, misunderstanding with the law. As it turns out, the images looked great! The guys really perked up after recounting events of that night many years ago, with much laughter and re-enactment. It showed in the finished product because they were relaxed and happy.

We're going to take you through a tour of Auckland now, looking at some of our favourite locations. A fair question would be why they are our favourites? So we'll give you a bit of background behind the places we've selected and the couples in the photographs.

Image by Robison Creative

5/ North Head, Devonport

For as long as I can remember, a journey to North head has always been special for us. When we're not filming wedding parties there, we're taking our own family for photographic outings.

There's a fantastic mixture of natural grass settings, expansive views all over the harbour and interesting architecture. A particular favourite of ours is walking around towards the left from the top car park to the underground tunnels located down some very steep stairs.

Image by Robison Creative

4/ Downtown Auckland

Auckland city is vibrant, fun and jam packed full of locations. From bustling intersections to dimly lit alley ways with great texture and intrigue, to Wynyard Quarter with its views over the harbour and industrial, modern architecture. After dark shoots can be a lot of fun as well. If you're looking for an interesting alternative, night time in town is awesome!

One of the most fun scenes we're captured is a couple in the middle of a busy intersection with the daytime crowd milling around them. We mixed things up a bit by slowing the shutter down, making the moving crowd blurred, but the couple sharply in focus in the middle of the shot.

Image by Robison Creative

3/ Vineyards/Orchards

OK, so this is not a specific location, but in Auckland we're lucky to have a variety of stunning outdoor locations. And there's something special about being surrounded by 'fruity foliage'! The colours on the leaves are interesting towards the end of summer, while during summer the vines are full of ripening fruit.

We often use the foliage to our advantage - peering through the leaves at the couple gives an impression of a private moment

Image by Robison Creative

2/ Any country road

Preferably with no traffic! Ask any of the couples we've photographed and they'll attest to the apparent magnetism between my chest and a tar sealed road. This style is a signature shot for us. So much so that we now have couples requesting it when they book their wedding! This is what we refer to as the 'road shot.' Down low, road twisting off into the distance with the couple walking off into their future together. If you're wanting to do this, help your poor photographer out by arranging a couple of 'look outs' strategically placed out of shot.

Image by Robison Creative

1/ Bethells Beach, West Auckland

Close to venues such as Cassels and Waitakere Estate, Bethells Beach is a beautifully vast expanse of open beach, with the potential for sunsets and rolling waves in the background. Our favourite over the water and misty distance shots makes this beach ideal for couples who are planning on getting married in West Auckland. Of course, if you're getting married closer to Titirangi, Piha is also another great option. Either way, West Coast beaches are special, rugged locations which consistently deliver breathtaking, surreal vistas. Take advantage of the wide open spaces - there's nothing quite like it.

Our Final Advice

Choosing the locations for your wedding photos is of course largely dictated by practical details such as how much time you would like to allocate to the photo session, whereabouts in Auckland you're getting married (It's a big place, after all!), the weather on the day, and how far you're willing to travel.

If you're willing to have your photos taken before the wedding ceremony, it can lessen the time away from your guests and calm any nerves prior to the ceremony. Furthermore, you can allocate more time to the photo shoot and may be able to travel further afield.

Just remember, however, that location is secondary to the content of the photos. On the wedding day you want a photographer who can not only take the most stunning and epic pictures but one who can also capture the emotions and small details of your special day.