5 Inner-City Bachelorette Party Ideas
By Maria Yeonhee Ji

07 September 2017

A bachelorette party is a fantastic opportunity for the members of the bridal party to get together, build excitement about the forthcoming wedding, and most importantly have a lot of fun.

From the bride’s point of view, it’s also a chance to work with potential wedding vendors on a considerably smaller-scale event, to see if their style is the right fit for you. To help your hen's party planning (and execution) run smoothly, We joined forces with Hotel Pullman in Auckland to bring you five inner-city hen's party ideas and tips on how to make the most of these festivities.

1/ High-Tea

Image from Hotel Pullman Auckland (cover image by Christian Oth Studio).

A classic bachelorette party event, a high-tea is as pragmatic as it is delightful. Nourishment will be important for whatever antics you have planned for night, and no array of finer treats can be found than at an exquisitely prepared high-tea. If you are having multiple events planned for your bridal shower, the relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere of a high tea provides you with the chance to zen-out in a lavish environment, restore your energy levels, and catch up with everyone over cups of tea.


2/ Spa Day

Image from Hotel Pullman Auckland.

Of all the hen's party ideas out there, a spa day is the singular plan that is sure to elicit the promptest RSVPs from your bridal party. A day of facials, massages, scrubs, wraps, manicures, and pedicures is the kind of indulgence that only comes once in a blue moon. The perfect escape from daily life, a spa day will leave everyone feeling less stressed and utterly pampered. The only difficult decision-making involved in this activity will be picking what kind of treatments you want from the extensive menu – the best facilities will have everything on offer, including aromatherapy, stone massages, and reflexology. It's self-care in the most luxurious way.


3/ Night on the Town

Image from Hotel Pullman Auckland.

A night on the town is a great way to end the day’s celebrations; it’s also where the most memories will be undoubtedly be made. For the best experience, you should book a hotel room for the bridal party and even dine in at the hotel restaurant. This way you have the ideal space to get ready together and build some anticipation for the night ahead - and have some pre-drinks. Having a room in a hotel near the venues you’ll be frolicking through during the evening also means everyone will have a safe place to crash at after the wild night out, and you won’t have any transport issues if any of your bridesmaids-to-be live far away. 


4/ Wine Tasting

Image by Eli Photographer.

New Zealand produces some of the world’s finest wines, so forgoing a wine tasting (especially when you have as fantastic a reason to go as a bachelorette party) would be very remiss. It’s an inevitably merry event that has appeal for every type of friend: the cultured foodie who wants to expand their wine vocabulary and industry knowledge; the workaholic bestie who needs an excuse to let her hair down; the life of the party who loves all wines exceptional or otherwise. Another plus about wine tastings is that if you haven’t found the perfect wine pairing(s) for your wedding menu yet, this is a great opportunity to explore what’s out there and get your friends’ opinions on some of our nation’s finest alcoholic beverages – they will be the ones drinking your final choice at the wedding, after all. 


5/ Workshop(s)

Image by Emily Jane Davies.
If your troupe of friends is more creatively inclined, a workshop might be the perfect activity for your bridal shower celebrations. Whether you opt for a cooking class, flower crown workshop, jewellery-making tutorial, or watercolour lessons... it’s a way of infusing the day with some creativity as well as fun. You’ll also get to try a new skill (or upskill), and maybe even try an activity you didn’t have the confidence to try alone; it’s much easier to try something like a burlesque or pole dancing class when you’re with a group of close girlfriends who won't take anything too seriously.