5 Reasons Why an Inner City Venue is a Must-Have
By Luke Ellery

10 February 2017

The venue you choose for your wedding says so much about you as a couple - it reflects your style and personalities.

There are so many options out there and it can seem overwhelming to begin with. On the upside, you are bound to find the perfect venue given the sheer number of choices! You might want to have a garden courtyard, you might want to choose an open studio style space, or maybe a rooftop venue with a stunning view of the Auckland Skyline. Lucky for you! In the Auckland CBD all of that is available. On that note, here are5 reasons why an inner city venue is completely worth it.

Image by Baltimore Sun

1/ Home is where the heart is

An inner city venue will no doubt feel familiar to you and your guests if this where you are from and live. A comfortable feeling throughout your wedding day is priceless and it will be great in years to come to regularly pass by the venue and have wedding memories come flooding back.

2/ Convenience for your guests

A city venue will be easy to get to for your guests who already live in Auckland. Easy public transport and parking options reduce travel concerns and costs for your guests. If you have elderly guests for whom travel is difficult, a city venue will mean they are more comfortable and likely to attend.

Image by JAM Shoots

For those guests visiting from out of Auckland, there is a wide range of accommodation options in the city to suit every budget. Accommodation within walking distance of a venue is a huge plus for out of town visitors!

3/ Keeping costs down for guests

Everyone is on a budget these days and sometimes the cost of accommodation, travel and time off work for destination weddings can be the difference between people being able to attend your wedding or not. By choosing an inner city venue, you are eliminating those concerns for your guests, meaning the majority of people you want to share in your special day, will be able to attend.

4/ A sleek, chic, sophisticated and contemporary feel

Inner city venues have a unique, modern feel to them. They’re not all the same and usually keep up with modern architectural and cuisine trends. For couples looking for a less traditional, modern feel, urban streets provide an arty, edgy backdrop for great wedding photos that will be unique to you as a couple.

Image by SouthBound Bride

5/ Ease of contact and pre-wedding visits with the venue

With so much planning involved it is super helpful to have easy access to your venue. You might want to do a food and wine tasting, take your wedding stylist along to discuss decoration ideas or meet with your celebrant to discuss ceremony options. All these jobs are much easier to complete if you can pop down in your lunch hour, after work or on the weekend instead of driving for hours!