7 Amazing DIY Ideas for Your Wedding
By Felicity Newburry

15 October 2015

“Do it yourself” is a long-held kiwi tradition, so why not try a little DIY in your wedding ceremony?

From Lily garlands to a petal aisle runner, this list of DIY décor ideas will provide you with some easy-to-make, affordable and wonderfully unique possibilities for your wedding. Grab a cuppa, sit down and be inspired.

1/ Ceremony Entrance

This requires the acquisition of two doors that are the same height and width, a wooden frame and someone with building experience! For safety, the doors need to be held in place with a wooden frame, but this can be painted to tie in with the doors or even decorated with garlands. It is a charming and unique way to invite guests into an outdoor ceremony. If your wedding fits with a rustic or vintage theme, a door-frame entrance to your ceremony will be perfect!

2/ Pull Up A Hay Bale

For an even more rustic or country feel you could include hay bales in your ceremony. Instead of using seats, consider lining up hay bales and decorating them with cloths and cushions. They can also be used for reception seating as well. It will add a casual element to your day and is a great fit for a summer wedding outdoors.

here comes the bride

3/ Programme Pockets

To make a programme pocket you’ll need a roll of satin ribbon, rose blooms, envelopes and your wedding program printed on separate cards to fit snugly inside the envelopes. To begin, tie a length of ribbon around each seat and tie a bow on the back or the side. Tuck a rose bloom inside each bow. You could either match the rose with your colour scheme, or go for a bright and bold theme by mixing up the colours! Place each programme inside an envelope and hang it over the ribbon using the flap. This is a cute and decorative way to “hand out” your programs.

4/ “Here Comes the Bride!”

This is a really sweet way for a flower girl or ring bearer to signal the bride’s entrance. For this, you may choose to make your sign out of wood, fabric or paper. You will also need ribbon, acrylic paint and paint brushes. Firstly, make two holes in the top left and right corners of your sign using either a drill, scissors or a hole punch depending on your chosen material. If you are making a sign out of paper, it’s best to use a sturdy paper such as poster card so that the holes don’t tear. Using the acrylics and brushes, paint a message onto the front of your sign. “Here comes the bride!” is a popular choice. Lastly, tie one end of the ribbon on one side and fasten into a bow. Repeat this step on the other side and viola, your sign is complete!

wedding lily garlands

5/ Lily Garland

This is a beautiful way to decorate and perfume a spring wedding ceremony. All that is required to create a lily garland is a roll of craft wire, an abundance of lily blooms and floral tape. Begin the garland by threading the wire through the base of the first bloom and securing it in place by taping the end of the bloom to the wire with floral tape. Continue threading on the lily blooms until you have reached a good length for draping. Repeat this to create multiple garlands. You could use your lily garlands to decorate a staircase or hang behind the cake table or ceremony area. Flowers are an essential element of any wedding; you can never have too many!

6/ Petal Aisle Runner

To create a petal aisle runner, you will need either a few packs of faux petals or plenty of fresh petals, a hot glue gun/needle and thread, and a roll of wide ribbon. Cut the ribbon to the length of the aisle and proceed to glue or stich down the petals in an overlapping fashion so that the ribbon is completely hidden. Alternatively, for a filigree aisle design, you could cut a curling pattern from some sturdy fabric, ensuring it fits the length and width of the aisle. Apply the same stitching or gluing technique to fasten down the petals. This technique will ensure that the pattern of the petals won’t be altered by the wind or scattered as the bride walks up the aisle.

wedding book arch

7/ Book Arch

Offering an alternative to the traditional floral arch, a book arch is perfect for the book-loving bride! To create a book arch you will need a frame, plenty of second hand books, and a drill. You will need to buy two thin metal bars from a hardware store to make the frame. These bars need to be curved in an arched shape and have feet attached to keep them steady and secure on the ground. Two holes need to be drilled into each book, the distance between each hole being the same as the distance between the bars of the frame. Thread the books on one by one until you’ve completed the arch. Although this DIY project may take some time, the result is worth the effort!​