Finding a Four-Fendered Friend:
By Luke Ellery

10 February 2017

Many brides have steered towards hiring a classic car for their wedding. Who can blame them?

The luxury leather interior and the sheer elegance of the exterior, it’s about as attention-grabbing as it is romantic. The transport is an integral part of the day; it will make sure that the bridal party and more importantly, the bride, arrive on time at the correct venue. We’ve all seen the 1999 classic Runaway Bride and I think we can agree… if the bride doesn’t show up, the wedding is going to be a disaster. For that reason, here is a message to all you brides-to-be. When the time comes to plan your wedding day transportation, hit the brakes! Slow down! Making a decision like this requires information, so read on and fill that little gas tank of yours with knowledge on hiring a Classic Wedding Car.

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Consider The Size

Size matters: not that of the bride, but definitely that of the dress. You would be surprised how difficult it can be to fit a long train, a veil, and a filled tulle skirt into a car. Even if your wedding dress has only one of those fashionable additions, it’s going to take up more space than you think. If you’re planning on bringing any of the bridal party, or even mum or dad, on the trip to the venue you need to accommodate that space by picking the right car. Pro tip: pick your wedding dress first so you know the kind of space it’s going to take up. Go to the showroom, sit in a car and get a feel for the space.

First Class Classics has a beautiful showroom of wedding cars that range in size. I myself was given the opportunity to sit in the Rolls Royce Silver Wraith with the original interior, (which means I shared a seat with the Queen) and the car was massive. You could go full Disney Princess and have the fullest skirt the bridal industry has to offer, and there would still be room for your girls from the bridal party. There are also matching fleets on offer, two matching bridal white 1950’s Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds, and a trio of bridal white Daimler 420 limousines. These are good options if you want to transport large groups.

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Who Gets Shotgun… and the Other Seats?

Selecting who goes with you in the car is another vital decision in the process of hiring wedding transportation. The trip to the venue is special indeed; it’s truly your last moments to share thoughts and feelings with the people close to you before you tie the knot. Traditionally, the car will pick up the groom, and drop him off at the venue; then return for the bride, the father of the bride, and the maid of honour. Let’s be real, its 2016 now, tradition is changing. Some fashionable brides don’t even wear white to the wedding anymore! Consider breaking tradition - bring mum along for the trip, or maybe some other members of the bridal party. Most wedding car hire companies will have a detailed travel schedule for pick-up and drop-off locations, they will discuss all your options and will accommodate for whomever you wish to bring along for the ride.

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Give yourself a LOT of planning time

Hiring a car is quite a process; you need to organise a travel schedule, which means you need to know when and where your ceremony will be. You also need to know if you will be using the car for your bridal photos (if you get a stunning classic car it can look amazing in the professional photos). You need to pick the perfect car - and hope that no one else has already booked it for a similar time. You need to decide on decoration. Is there a theme for your wedding? If there is, the theme can be catered to with the ribbons tied to the car and, in some cases, even mini flags. The decoration can be a fun part, I know of a swashbuckling couple that had a pirate themed wedding. In order to stay true to their theme they raised cross-bone pirate flags on their classic car. All of these things require time and planning. Get in early, go to a show room ASAP and get the wheels rolling. That way you can ensure you will be well on the road to getting a dream car for your dream wedding!