Auckland Wedding Dresses - The 2020 Guide
By Raashka Mannie

17 July 2020

There’s no tradition more loved than the process of picking your wedding dress. From dazzling gowns that sweep the floor to elegant pantsuits, your wedding dress defines your special day one sequin at a time.

And why shouldn’t it? There’s endless work that goes into creating the wearable masterpieces that are wedding dresses, from designing to tailoring, with stylists and sewists working every last stitch of passion they have into creating utter perfection for your big day. With so many options beyond the usual elegance of white wedding dresses, designers across the globe have only grown more talented and more creative when it comes to wedding outfits.

Finding the right wedding dress will always be a welcome challenge, whether you’re looking to have something made from scratch or altered off the rack. In Auckland, there are so many wedding dress designers, stylists and boutiques that carry every facet of wedding fashion imaginable, so we’ve put together a list of the very best.


Vinka Design

Image by Emma Keirle

When someone says wedding dresses, you’ve got to think Vinka Design. They have been leaders in bridal wear design since 1959, putting together luxury gowns and outfits in New Zealand. Founded by Vinka Lucas, Vinka Design is all about creating bespoke pieces with a modern edge, crafted with elegance and timeless style. Proud to be family-owned and operated, they are dedicated to bringing you wedding dresses like none other. They have a long-standing tradition of making their wedding dresses the old-fashioned way: by hand. This commitment really shines through in every piece by Vinka Design, with fresh designs and collections regularly released by them and sweeping the bridal world away.


Alter Me

Image by Alter Me

It's all about looking and feeling your best with Alter Me. Bespoke bridal gowns and alterations are the cornerstones of her work, with precision and care like none other when it comes to making sure that your wedding dress is fitted to perfection. After all, what's the point in walking down the aisle in a wedding outfit that isn't making you feel like the star you are? Alter Me carries out extensive and high-quality work when it comes to bridal wear, with custom designs, alternations and more at your fingertips. Years of industry knowledge and nights hand-stitching bodices to perfection has made Alter Me one of the most trusted and loved bridal outfit specialists in Auckland.


Hera Couture by Katie Yeung

Image by Proshot Photography

For the modern romantic, Hera Couture by Katie Yeung is made and designed in New Zealand. The leader behind it all, Katie Yeung, says that she wants “your time in the spotlight to feel spectacular.” If that’s not incentive to peruse through their wedding dresses, what is? Since childhood, Katie has immersed herself in fashion, growing up surrounded by fabrics, needles and sewing machines. In fact, by age eight, Katie was already sewing. Hera Couture’s flagship showroom is located on Karangahape Road, reflecting their fashion-forward tastes.


Jessica Bridal Couture

Image by Greg Campbell

Enjoy a luxurious bridal experience at Jessica Bridal Couture. It’s their goal to provide exceptional and personalised service to each and every person after a fabulous wedding dress, pantsuit or more. Their flagship store is in Newmarket, where they stock dresses from around the globe so you can browse international fashions as you choose your look for your big day. Jessica Bridal Couture endeavours to give you a form-fitting, flattering look, helping you to select an outfit for your wedding that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. They choose their wedding dresses and more with care so you can pick from the cream of the crop.


Astra Bridal

Image by olive & bean photography

You can have it all with Astra Bridal. As bridal fashion lovers, they dabble in every style you can find: boho, rustic, elegant, modern, princess, backless, ball gowns, tea-length, and so much more. Variety is key with them, with their website providing a plethora of guides to help you make your way through the process of choosing a wedding dress. They also celebrate all kinds of shapes and sizes at Astra Bridal, with their guides helping every body type to find the wedding outfit they dream of. To top it all off, they also love to add the final touches to your wedding look, offering veils, shoes, jewellery, lingerie and more as the proverbial cherry on top.


Bridal Brilliance

Image by Stella York

Specialising in wedding dresses, Bridal Brilliance loves what they do and do it well. On the outskirts of South Auckland, they are a trusted bridal store with over twenty years of experience in the industry. They have an extensive collection of bridal gowns and stock a large range of bridesmaids and ball gowns for good measure - so if you’re looking for a stunning wedding dress, you’ll be sure to find one for you at Bridal Brilliance. Their showroom has approximately 300 wedding dresses for you to consider, along with one-on-one consultations with their helpful team to make choosing your wedding outfit even easier.


Alma J Bridal Boutique

Image by Haley Adele Photography

Established in 2005, Alma J Bridal Boutique is committed to making you feel beautiful. Located in Mt Eden, they offer wedding dresses and outfits of every kind, from bespoke to ready-to-wear, with a vision for making your wedding dreams come to life. As a New Zealand designer, they have a bespoke range with unique, modern aspects, while their ready-to-wear collection extends into international brands. Their passionate team is at hand to help you find the ideal wedding dress or more for your big day, alongside numerous accessories to complete the look. At Alma J Bridal Boutique, your wedding gown will be a precious memento of your perfect day to treasure forever.


Anna Schimmel

Image by Logan West

Bringing modern femininity to life, Anna Schimmel is a designer that can bring your dreams to life. Having trained and worked in European couture fashion in Germany, Anna obtained her Masters in Fine Fashion and has been working in the industry for over thirty years, designing and creating gorgeous wedding dresses and outfits. She can create bespoke pieces for your big day, tailor something to your tastes, or mix and match where necessary. Classic, modern and just a little sexy, Anna has a myriad of stunning designs ready for you to try in her sun-soaked Point Chevalier studio.


Daisy by Katie Yeung

Image by Daisy Brides

Another collection put together by the ever-talented Katie Yeung, Daisy is about melding comfort, personality and beauty. “Our dresses are designed to suit a range of body shapes, personalities and styles,” they declare, showcasing just this in their online collection of modern wedding dresses and outfits. Daisy aims for a more laidback angle when it comes to your special day, with wearable and affordable pieces that allow you to feel as comfortable as you can while enhancing your unique beauty.


Brooke Tyson Ritual

Image by I Do Photography

Brooke Tyson Ritual is bold, bringing you a fresh, contemporary take on ceremonial wear for adventurous brides and lovers. Made with love and dedication in New Zealand, they offer both bespoke and ready-to-wear pieces, with their showroom located in Eden Terrace and ready for you to pop by. Brooke Tyson Ritual has been featured in publications such as Together Journal, Junction and Hello May, loved for their elegant designs and modern approach to bridal wear, as well as for the courage to take the roads untravelled.


Kenny & Harlow Bridal

Image by Keryn Sweeney

A clear reflection of creativity and passion, Kenny & Harlow Bridal provides you with luxury bridal wear made for brides from all parts of the world. New Zealand’s picturesque landscape and flow serve as inspiration for the design of their dresses, resulting in modern, streamlined pieces that are popular across the board. They have a variety of exquisite collections for you to check out, with designers that are detail-orientated and dedicated to bringing out the best in you on your special day.


Hayes Bridal

Image by Kate Roberge Photography

Less is more with Hayes Bridal. There’s something to be said for minimalism - the modernity of it all, the elegance of it all, the simple beauty of it all. Wedding dresses and bridal wear are no exception to this. Hayes Bridal capitalises on this particular style, handmaking wedding outfits in Auckland and bringing you contemporary pieces that will blow you away. They offer a concise collection of simple wedding gowns and separates, all made from beautiful silk and bridal speciality fabrics that will leave you feeling as elegant and put together as their bridal wear.


Kellylin Couture

Image by Amy Kate Photography

Wearable gowns that make you feel like the best version of yourself in your own skin - that’s Kellylin Couture’s aim. Their Auckland flagship store is located in Eden Terrace, featuring bridal wear created for every type of person. Their collection boasts handcrafted pieces with thoughtful designs, stitched through with elegance and beauty. Kellylin Couture believes in timeless beauty, choosing modern, sophisticated bridal wear that surpasses ever-changing trends. No matter the wedding dress or outfit you’re looking for, they’re here to make sure that you find it and feel as comfortable as can be.


Felicity’s Bridal

Image by Wild Souls Photo + Video

With a boutique situated in the heart of Auckland, Felicity’s Bridal offers gorgeous bridal wear for the modern bride. Their extensive collections feature ready-to wear-bridal gowns and outfits from award-winning designers. They also feature bridesmaids dresses, with a strong focus on all of their bridal wear being ready-to-wear and customised through careful alterations and tailoring. Felicity’s Bridal has been an icon in the New Zealand bridal industry since 1978, focused on bringing you hand-picked wedding dresses and outfits that will ensure your special day is exactly as you pictured.