Auckland Wedding Florists - The 2020 Guide
By Raashka Mannie

22 May 2020

Monet said it best: “I must have flowers, always, and always.” He must’ve been talking about weddings.

There’s a lifelong love between florals and weddings. For centuries, flowers have been the universal sign of love in every shape and form, so it makes total sense that choosing a florist for your special is one of those momentous tasks on your wedding checklist. Auckland has a collection of some of the best and most experienced florists in the country, with oodles of experience and blooming talent all around. Below, we’ve gathered up a nice bouquet of the most in-demand wedding florists in Auckland, specialising in framing your big day with unique, memorable or downright stunning arrangements.


Bay Blooms Wedding Florist

Image by Fay Carey Photo & Video

Based in the verdancy of Clevedon, Bay Blooms Wedding Florist boasts over 20 years of experience in the floral industry. They’re all about creating new and exciting arrangements for your wedding, with a particular passion for combining all kinds of greenery with one another to create something superb. From the standard and beloved flowers and leaves to rustic twigs, flaxes and grass, Bay Blooms Wedding Florist will utilise any combination to give your wedding the extraordinary floral edge you’re looking for.


PS Floral

Image by Nisha Ravji

PS Floral is a florist with a passion for events, with weddings as a top priority on the list. They cater to engagement parties, dinners, receptions, ceremonies, and so much more, from conception to design, with an aim to raise the bar for floral arrangements. They have over 10 years of experience and are happy to work with you bring your floral wedding vision to life. PS Floral consults stylists, event planners, brides, corporate clients and, most importantly, you to create their seamless floral designs.


Joie De Vivre Florists

Image by Donaldson Photography

Joie De Vivre Florists is exactly as their name suggests, bringing the joy and excitement into designing and creating floral arrangements for your special day. They’re located in Newmarket and run by a passionate and experienced duo. Their team is qualified with everything floral, from buttonholes to banquet rooms, and are happy to create bespoke arrangements for any event. With several features in Bride and Groom magazine, Joie De Vivre Florists strives to provide lovely flowers, unique designs and attention to detail.


Branch and Bloom

Image by Dear White Productions

This is a florist that knows the earth, brought into the industry by a florist and farmer, Carol Gibbard. Branch and Bloom is the expert when it comes to creating bespoke floral arrangements for weddings and events. Situated in Clevedon, they have 500 square metres of dedicated cut garden, incorporating beautiful and delicate botanicals into their design work which are not readily available at the flower markets. Branch and Bloom offer it all, from whimsical and traditional to natural and wild with unusual textures and foliage.


Twig & Twine Floral Artistry

Image by Marion H Photography

Flowers are art to Twig & Twine Floral Artistry, Auckland-based florists that offer premier, bespoke arrangements for your upcoming wedding or event. Driven by their love for designing floral pieces like none other, they are attentive and detail-orientated, committed to blending your vision for your wedding with Mother Nature’s aesthetic, giving rise to lush, modern arrangements. Twig & Twine Floral Artistry is here to offer you the experience of wedding florals and creation, not just a service or product, making them one of Auckland’s favourite florists.


Blossom Wedding Flowers

Image by Blossom Wedding Flowers

Owned and operated by a lover of all things floral, Blossom Wedding Flowers is based in Auckland and specialises in creating arrangements for weddings and events. The owner has always felt a particular love for flowers, from their physical beauty to their myriad of textures, colours and scents. Blossom Wedding Flowers was born from this love, and it’s through this passion that they create exquisite arrangements for your wedding. They have over 20 years of experience in the floral industry and know how to make your florals a delight.



Image by Amanda Thomas Photography

Settled in the bustling Queen St., Blush is a florist that adores all things soft: soft pastels, soft petals, soft aesthetics. They specialise in bringing gentle colours, jewel tones and elegant whites to their arrangements. Whether you’re looking for delicate florals or show-stopping ones, they’re here to provide you with precisely what you desire. Blush offers everything floral at your wedding, from bouquets to installations, paired custom props and accessories you won’t find anywhere else.



Image by Adam Popovic Photography

Flwr is a floral design studio specialising in weddings, events, bespoke bouquets and corporate orders. With love for experimentation and daring to colour outside the lines, they add unusual touches such as berries, small fruits, rare types of flora and more to their arrangements. As the owner of Flwr says, “Flowers are a sensory experience where everything matters: the visual aesthetic, notes of a scent, and even touch.” They can create everything you want and more for your wedding, including bridal bouquets, garden-draped events, arches, centrepieces, drops and backdrops.


Rose Tinted Flowers

Image by Jesse And Jessie Weddings

Tiny but mighty, Rose Tinted Flowers was established by florist Rosie in 2015. Since then, they have quickly grown into one of the most beloved wedding florists in Ponsonby. They focus on creating designs for weddings and other events, specialising in the popular rustic style of dried arrangements and installations. Rose Tinted Flowers gathers its inspiration from Rosie’s English heritage, growing up in a countrywide and having a wild, romantic side to her creativity. As a treat, they also host floral workshops for bachelorette parties, soirées and other events.


The Lost Flower Shed

Image by The Lost Flower Shed

Situated in Silverdale, The Lost Flower Shed is an ambitious local endeavour by a young florist with a yen for creating incredible arrangements and installations for weddings. A fledgling company, it was opened in 2018 and is blooming into one of Auckland’s hottest wedding florists. They specialise in designing bridal florals, from arrangements for the reception to installations for the ceremony. The Lost Flower Shed wants to help you create memories with their bespoke designs and eye for detail.


Leaf and Honey

Image by Chasewild Wedding Photography

Leaf and Honey has been bringing couples wondrous floral arrangements since 2008. Customised, elegant and artful, they concentrate on the balance between soft textures and wild greenery. Leaf and Honey was inspired by nature, design, fashion and culture. They work tirelessly to bring your wedding a bespoke grace, doing everything from bouquets to large-scale installations, with the couple’s input as a constant source of their inventiveness for each creation. They have been featured in a number of publications, including Martha Stewart, Cosmopolitan Bride, The Lane, Together Journal and so much more.


Table Flower

Image by Jonathan Suckling Photography

Table Flower loves fresh flowers, coffee and the thought of something brand new. As a boutique floral design studio, they bring you an unparalleled level of attentiveness, endeavouring to create custom pieces for your special day. They work with the couple to design anything you’re after, from garden-style arrangements to asymmetrical masterpieces. To Table Flower, florals are a timeless way to display the uniqueness, passion and romance that love is. They want to capture your personality and background with flowers to make your wedding unforgettable. As a bonus, they also offer workshops and hire pieces for your consideration.


Floral Stylist Co.

Image by Nisha Ravji

For florists that are also stylists, meet the aptly named Floral Stylist Co., bringing bespoke creations to both New Zealand and the rest of the world. Voted one of the best in the business by Wild Hearts, Floral Stylist Co. has over 20 years of experience in the industry and knows how to create arrangements that will leave you breathless. Utilising nature’s palette, texture, diversity and the seasons, they specialise in designs that tailor-made for your wedding and personality. As event designers, they bring an added edge to the table and have had their work featured in a multitude of wedding publications, such as Flora Journal, Wedding Chicks, Hello May and many, many more.


The Botanist

Image by The Botanist

The Botanist offers unmatched floral wedding services, bringing their passion and expertise for design and delivering you undeniably beautiful flowers. Well-versed in handling weddings and other events, they tailor their designs to your tastes and wallet, closely working with you to understand your personality and vision. The Botanist prides themselves on being unconventional, enjoying fun, unusual and bold arrangements and installations that are put together with the utmost care and attention to detail. At The Botanist, they’re fond of saying that florists grow too, emphasising the importance of learning, creativity and change.