Auckland Wedding Photographers - the Complete Guide
By Raashka Mannie

29 July 2019

Without a doubt, the most precious keepsake from any wedding (besides your partner, of course) is the photography.

Photography immortalises the love of the day, as there are few mementoes more permanent, detail-rich and valuable as images of you and your loved ones on your wedding day. For this reason, choosing a wedding photographer can be one of the most crucial decisions you make.

There is a ton to unpack when deciding on a wedding photographer: think about their style, about yours, and the venue you've selected. Meeting your photographer to chat with them is absolutely essential, even if it's just over Facetime, and remember to have a prepared list of questions to discuss with them. Fortunately for us all, some of the best photographers in the world are right here in Auckland, award-winning and globetrotting. We took the time to speak to each and every one of them, gathering up necessary quotes on styling and price guidelines to compile a handy list for you to peruse through as you make those all-important wedding photographer decisions.



Image by Zahn

"Weddings are supposed to be a celebration – an event to honour something wonderful. The photographs I'm most proud of are honest, authentic and raw. Not perfect, but perfectly communicating the complexities and intricacies of personalities and relationships. Couples that ask me to shoot their wedding value photos that capture the real deal, flaws and all. I prefer to shoot the full celebration, whatever that means for your wedding. Coverage typically costs around $5,000."


Perspectives Photo + Cinema

Image by Perspectives Photo + Cinema

"We're wedding addicts. We love the pressure of knowing we have to get it right every time, and the creative buzz of telling every story uniquely. We want your day to reflect exactly who you are – through photos and video that will go beyond the ordinary. This isn't a wedding factory, which is why we approach every wedding with 100% enthusiasm, knowing this day is one of the most important days of your lives, and we are completely there with you. We will be your location scouters, cheerleaders, buttonhole pinners, people wranglers, and your staunchest advocates to make sure you have the best day ever. Packages begin at $3,990 onwards."


Tales of Two

Image by Tales of Two

"We believe every person has a story that deserves to be told their way. We are giving you timeless memories that you can revisit and share endlessly. Tales of Two is New Zealand’s premier wedding photography, cinematography and livestreaming service based in Auckland. Helping you to preserve your happily ever after is our aim, so our team acts as a well-oiled machine when it comes to delivering exceptional wedding photography, cinematography and multi-cam livestreaming in this digital age. You'll be left with memories that you can treasure forever, knowing that your special day unfolded exactly as you dreamed it would."


Hollow & Co. - Photo & Video

Image by Hollow & Co. - Photo & Video

"Storytelling is at the heart of Hollow & Co. We are a collection of photographers with a keen eye for the authentic. Led by Tom Hollow, a fine art photographer and filmmaker, our goal is to capture your wedding day in the most honest shades possible, showing genuine emotions and human connections. We chase the simplest of moments – cups of coffee before the walk down the aisle and little laughs as the bridal party pins up their hair – to shine through in all our work. We're a worldwide collective that travels not just all over New Zealand, but the globe. Our services begin from $5,000 onwards."


Perry Trotter Photography

Image by Perry Trotter Photography

"Since 2003, I have endeavoured to create timeless wedding imagery. I have always loved timeless, classic images – and that's what I strive to deliver to my clients. Capturing those precious interactions throughout the day while remaining unobtrusive as possible is an important value for me. Though I have photographed hundreds of weddings, I have never lost the special sense that I am being invited to share a couple's most important day – and entrusted with the awesome task of capturing the moments they will cherish. My packages begin at $3,200 onwards."


Fay Carey Photo + Video

Image by Fay Carey Photo + Video

"My style is joyful, relaxed and candid, capturing the day how it really looked and, most of all, how it really felt. My approach is super hands-off, allowing you to be you and documenting the emotions of the people you hold close to your heart. The day will fly, so breathe it all in. If this was the last moment you had with this person, would you both just stand there and look at the camera, or would you reach out and hold them as tight as you can instead? My engagement packages begin at a cosy $400, whereas wedding packages begin at $2,800 onwards."


Kate Little Photography

Image by Kate Little Photography

"I love all things that make us starry-eyed: soulful connections and wild love stories. My style has been described as dreamy, unique and intuitive. Stolen giggles and free-spirited moments without forced posing. Weddings truly are a crazy, emotional celebration of life and I love to be a part of them. What's most important to me is to connect and create authentic images that are a reflection of all you've dreamt of. That's what its all about: love, family and friends. My mission is to be your one-of-a-kind storyteller whilst you have the party of a lifetime. I have four packages, starting at $2,900 onwards."


Ralph Bella Photography

Image by Ralph Bella Photography

"We cater to couples who dare to shy away from the traditional ways of being photographed. Our work depicts mood, intimacy and emotion, alongside capturing the honest moments that happen naturally as your wedding day progresses. We have a fine art style, which means we prefer to be spontaneous and free-flowing in our work. Our style is laidback, with our signature edging of a unique and unorthodox approach to wedding photography that is sure to make your day stand out. Our packages begin at $2,200 onwards, with a duo of photographers being the standard for our style."


Tracey Claire Photography

Image by Tracey Claire Photography

"We're a husband and wife photography team based in Auckland with 17 years of experience. Trust our powerful team efforts to tell your story as we operate as two main photographers throughout your wedding day. We take our passion seriously and invest a lot of loving energy in what we do. Thriving on wonderfully vibrant wedding vibes, full of emotions and beautiful moments, combined with the magical journey we enjoy with our clients, we can truly say that we are grateful that we get to call this our work. Limited bookings taken allows us to fully dedicate our efforts to each and every couple, as well as staying true to our love of the game - we give it our all!"


Grey Area Productions

Image by Grey Area Productions

"I aim to make you and your day look effortless. Lighthearted, elegant, natural, modern. I like to work as simply as possible with a hands-off approach to allow the rawness of the day to surface. Indeed, being 'natural' can actually be one of the hardest things to do on the day, so I lead and instruct when necessary, so it's not just all up to you. I offer three packages for wedding photography, so there is an option that suits most days, with pricing starting at $3,000 onwards."


Mikayla Bollen Photography

Image by Mikayla Bollen Photography

"I'm a photographer of people-in-love, pinner of boutonnières, cake taster, and general wrangler of wedding day shenanigans. My whole life I've had this kind of crazy idea that love is worth celebrating and call me a fool but that's what I'm all about. I'm here to capture your story, to celebrate your love. This day is about you, and I want you to remember how you felt, the laughter, the feels, everything. My wedding photography style is a little bit candid, a bit storyteller, and a lot all about you. I'm here for all of the different kinds of love, colours, shapes, everything."


Blush Photography

Image by Blush Photography

"My wedding photography style can be described as a combination of documentary wedding photography and contemporary portraits and is all about telling your story. I'll spend my day at your wedding keeping my eyes peeled for joyous moments to photograph - my goal is to capture you enjoying all the amazing feelings and emotions of your wedding day as it unfolds and come away with beautiful photos to remember it all. I'm a lover of light and emotions, travelling to new and exciting places, and wedding photography is one of the great loves of my life."


Adam Popovic Photography

Image by Adam Popovic Photography

"It goes without saying that we aim to produce beautiful images. However, above everything, your wedding photos should tell a story of memories that capture the essence of you as a couple. You should look back at your photos and think 'that is so us.' Simply natural, candid and high-quality photography is our main aim. The magic of your day is in the connection between each other and with your loved ones. We won't miss a moment of realness. Our pricing starts at $2,700, with 3 set packages and the option to tailor to your wedding day needs."


Fluro Grey

Image by Fluro Grey

"As the photographer behind Fluro Grey, I'm all about capturing real people in the places they love, wherever that may be. There's nothing more important to me than my friends, family and creating something meaningful for others.  I love shooting weddings, documenting the perfectly imperfect. The moments you're there for and the ones you miss. The big moments and the little ones. You're about to embark on your biggest adventure, and I would be stoked to be there to capture your love story. My packages begin at $3,500 onwards."


Proshot Photography

Image by Proshot Photography

"My goal is to tell your story honestly and document your day as naturally as possible. When you're looking back at your wedding photos, I want to transport you back to the exact moment. To me, wedding photography is not simply about capturing the day as naturally as I can, but about creating beautiful images that tell your story in the best and most honest way. It's a fine art. I love working with natural light and the atmosphere of each wedding to bring out the best in everyone, with bright smiles and joyful tears. My pricing starts from $2,500 onwards."


Alex de Freitas

Image by Alex de Freitas

"I'm not your typical wedding photographer. In fact, your friends and family probably won't even realise I am the photographer! I'll blend into the celebrations and get to know everyone. A veteran of 10 years photographing weddings in NZ and across the globe, I'll party with you till the end and, most importantly, focus on capturing the raw and unexpected moments throughout the day. My passion and strengths are not making a big fuss or worrying about timelines or schedules. You'll all feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease, and we can capture the real, honest and candid moments throughout your wedding day. I don't offer packages, time restrictions or limit the number of images I deliver, with pricing starting at $4,999 onwards."



Image by Chromatica

"We love many different styles of photography, and bring a wide range of ideas to our weddings. We love to take our time on artistic detail shots, capture candid emotional expressions, and carefully posed formal portraits. We are always looking to try something new and to have fun and experiment, rather than always doing the same things, and we love hearing your ideas to work into the day, too. Our standard package is $2,900 for two photographers, without a time limit, as we value the safety and greater range possible with two photographers – and always prefer to take our time to make sure everything is done to the best of our abilities."


Kirsten Summers

Image by Kirsten Summers

"I'm an Auckland-based photographer that's super passionate about capturing the lives and loves of others. I am a super social person and love working with people. Weddings are my absolute favourite: everyone looking their finest, emotions running high, laughter, tears, hugs, kisses and, of course, the undeniable amount of love in the air. On a typical wedding day, I shoot everything I see and more. I literally don't put my camera down. I aim to photograph all the bits you will remember and all the things you might not see."


Moving Films + Photography

Image by Moving Films + Photography

"Since 2012, we've been a duo that has fallen in love with wedding photography and videography. Shane is the film editor and enjoys all the techie stuff, while I simply love weddings! We're just a couple of romantics, married joyously for 16 years and lucky enough to work side by side to shoot and create crazy, beautiful films (and just recently photos) of real couples like you. We know that you're a bit spoiled for choice in New Zealand when it comes to choosing a photographer, so we like to get to really know our couples, whether it's a phone call or a quick meet-up for coffee."


Valo Photo & Cinema

Image by Valo Photo & Cinema

"We want to create something timeless with you. Our style of filming will suit couples who are not keen on posing, not keen on a scripted day. We let the day unfold naturally and make sure we're there to capture the moments, very discreetly. Our films are story-driven with beautiful imagery, and reflect the personalities of our couples - an approach that makes our films relevant not only now, but in years to come."


Lionel Tan Photography

Image by Lionel Tan Photography

"It's all about not taking yourself too seriously. I love working with carefree couples like that - ones that really just want to make the most of their wedding day. It makes photography so fun. As you start planning your wedding, I'll be there to provide suggestions where I can and share creative ideas with you – this ensures we're on the same page for your big day. On the day of your wedding, I'll stay in the shadows to capture beautiful candids, and when direction's needed, I'll be there too. Keeping your wedding day relaxed and a wonderful experience is a part of what we do."


Ankita Bhullar Photography

Image by Ankita Bhullar Photography

"Action, colour and emotion – If that's your wedding summed up in a few words, then my team and I are the ones for you. I'm a sucker for South Asian weddings, and nothing gets me more excited than capturing the diverse beauty of South Asian traditions, here in New Zealand. My team and I constantly explore new ideas and techniques that help us capture those authentic moments. We work intimately with all our couples and provide them with planning tools, creative advice and anything they may need to make their big day, and our photography all the more memorable."


Kouki Photography NZ

Image by Kouki Photography NZ

"Established in 2016, the whole vision of Kouki is to capture the best moments in life - so what better day than your wedding day? I'll make sure to tell your story frame by frame, preserving the most wonderful moments on paper so you can relive each day. With this, you'll be not only able to revisit the glorious parts of your wedding day, but also the little moments that make up the whole, beautiful narrative. My photography is all about natural, candid moments, showcasing your wedding day in all its beauty from start to finish."


Lydia Rachel Photography

Image by Lydia Rachel Photography

"I love adventures, and my favourite adventure of all is weddings. Being able to capture the sweet moments, unconditional love and authentic beauty that tell the story of your big day is such a privilege. I believe your wedding day should be full of joy and I'm here to make you feel not only comfortable but also joyful in front of the camera. Getting to know the couples I'm shooting is a big part of my work, so I look forward to hanging out with you, whether it's just a video call or for a bite to eat."