The Best Wedding Stationery in Auckland
By Raashka Mannie

24 April 2020

Signed, sealed and delivered, wedding stationery is one of the best creative processes for you to have fun with on your big day. From the lettering to colour choice, there is so much more than just the printed words that speak volumes about your style.

Wedding stationery is one of those essential parts of your wedding where the tone has to be struck just right. There’s so much variety, so much choice, that finding a designer for your wedding stationery can be quite the task. The general consensus is that you’d like someone that understands the subtleties of your wedding day, whether that means you want gold foil lining your menus or floral wedding invites that take your breath away. With ever-changing designs and trends, you’re also after a designer that can adapt to what’s hot and what’s not.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best wedding stationery designers in Auckland. These local designers are all about creating pieces that really speak to you and about you, folded in elegance and dotted with perfection. To find the perfect wedding stationery designer, check out the candidates below.



Image by DesigningLove

For the modern bride, DesigningLove is class and creativity tucked within an envelope. Her wedding stationery is custom-made, with her sitting down to get to know you so she can design stationery that truly reflects who you are. Specialising in minimalism, DesigningLove also has a penchant for creating wax seals, personalised crests and so much more. From foil embossed to save the date cards dipped in dark, romantic hues, this wedding stationery designer is all about grace and sophistication. She began designing when she was a bride-to-be and couldn’t quite find a designer that spoke to her. The more she practised and created, the more she realised her passion for the craft.


Papier HQ

Image by Papier HQ

Located in Howick, Papier HQ is ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s trending. They offer it all when it comes to wedding stationery: menus, table seatings, invites, envelopes, place names, table numbers, and so much more. Taking care of the fine details concerning wedding stationery, they seek to offer on-brand and personality-rich pieces with one-of-a-kind designs for every set of stationery. All work is created in their studio by a designer with over a decade in homeware and fashion design experience. When it comes to their custom designs, they also offer prints to immortalise your special day. If you have a chat with Papier HQ, we’re sure you can get one of your incredible wedding invites framed, so you can always remember the pure beauty of an invite to the best day of your life.


Peg Creative

Image by Peg Creative

For custom design and craft services, there’s Peg Creative, with the added cool factor of laser cutting and engraving for exceptionally extraordinary wedding stationery. Situated in Takapuna, Peg Creative has over ten years of experience in the designing field, working with a variety of international and local brands to ensure their stationery is picture-perfect - they can promise the very same for your wedding. Whether it’s your wedding guestbook or save the date cards, the team at Peg Creative can put together gorgeous wedding stationery for your big day. Engraved wedding invites can mean wooden masterpieces that can be reused or kept forever, while their laser-cut stationery offers unmatched intricate design work. Whatever your fancy, Peg Creative can tailor your wedding stationery to your needs.


Paper Rose

Image by Paper Rose

For heartfelt wedding invitations and stationery, look no further than Paper Rose. Whether you’re looking at illustrated, gold foiled or dark-toned wedding stationery, Paper Rose can ensure that the design will mirror your dreams. Aside from invitations and save the date cards, they also specialise in crafting bridesmaid cards and advice cards for your guests to fill out at your reception. After all, what’s better than some words from the heart from all your most beloved friends and family? The designer at Paper Rose has a penchant for modern, romantic pieces, as well as a background in design and production, believing that wedding invites and stationery are treasured remnants of the past in an increasingly digital world. You’ll have her undivided attention from start to finish as she walks you through her design process, resulting in wedding stationery that you’ll, without a doubt, utterly adore.


Inkberry Calligraphy

Image by Inkberry Calligraphy

It’s all about the lettering with Inkberry Calligraphy. They’re here to bring you semi-customisable wedding suites, including invites, envelopes, RSVPs and more. All you have to do is choose the suite alongside a few essential elements, and then the rest is open for total personalisation. If you want something even more bespoke, then opt for their tailored wedding suites, offering even more flexibility for wedding stationery that is a hundred per cent you. Inkberry Calligraphy features straight card stock, recycled handmade paper with a ridged texture, silk ribbons, wax seals and more. They’re also happy to provide wedding signage, seating charts, welcome boards and any other fine details that you’re looking for, all with their signature design and sense of stylised beauty.


Ellen Studio

Image by Ellen Studio

Based in Auckland, this designing company is as versatile as they come. One of their many designing ventures includes creating gorgeous wedding invitations, with a simplistic, streamlined look that anyone can attest to. Their wedding suites include invitations, save the date and RSVP cards, all customed with your wedding details and colours. If you want something with a more personalised touch, you can talk to Ellen Studio about further customisation concerning fonts, lettering, illustrations and more. The designer has a background in communications and marketing, understanding the delicate thought process that goes into representing people and places for who they really are. With love for minimalism and sleek designs, Ellen Studio is a local wedding stationery designer that you’re going to want to check out.


Something & Co. Design

Image by Something & Co. Design

Something & Co. Design brings with them both boutique stationery suites and bespoke designs for your wedding stationery. When it comes to the former, you’re looking at rotating designs that change with the trends and the designers’ preferences, from botanic to typewritten. They also accept slight alterations to these suites, adding song choices and graphics at your request. With bespoke designs, Something & Co. Design works with you to produce entirely unique wedding stationery for your special day, putting together pieces that mirror your personality. Something & Co. Design is run by a duo of best friends, both with a strong background in design and with a clear love for crafting personalised wedding stationery.


Ashley Ware Design

Image by Ashley Ware Design

Modern, on-trend and fluid, Ashley Ware Design is a freelance designer based in Auckland. A fledgling in the world of wedding stationery, she has been spreading her wings since 2017, passionately working with both local and international clients to create bespoke pieces for all manner of events, people and places. With a focus on illustrations and typography, her customised wedding stationery is centred on getting to know clients and their wishes before embarking on her design process. Ashley Ware Design has a distinctly minimalistic approach to wedding stationery, with the sparing use of statement colours and bold, moody designs to truly capture emotions. All you have to do is get in contact with her to begin the journey of your wedding stationery design.


Beech Tree Creative

Image by Beech Tree Creative

The first ever book was written on paper made from the pulp of a beech tree - hence the name of this extraordinary company. With a yen for graphic design and creating unforgettable pieces, Beech Tree Creative was founded by a woman with a dream, and it has since blossomed into a successful wedding stationery company situated in Auckland. Beech Tree Creative specialises in creating tailored wedding invites, with a strong focus on perfectionism and uniqueness. Blended together, this is the recipe for wedding stationery like none other. When it comes to creating wedding stationery, Beech Tree Creative does it all: modern, minimalistic, moody, romantic, floral, geometric, laser-cut, and so much more. Whatever your wedding stationery dreams, Beech Tree Creative is here to make them come true.