70 Couples Share their Biggest Wedding Regrets
By Raashka Mannie

28 July 2021

You're planning your wedding - but you're not forgetting anything, are you?

They say hindsight is 20/20. With wedding days in the rearview mirror for all these couples, it's easy for them to pick out what they would have changed if they'd had the right advice. Weddings, engagements and all related celebrations are varied days for everyone, given culture, traditions, family input and more. When you're planning your wedding, you're thinking of all the things you want - but what about all the things you don't want?

Putting together the perfect wedding for you is no easy feat. To help you accomplish this, we've gathered intel from over seventy couples, all sharing their personal regrets related to their big days. Take a look at the biggest regrets from brides, grooms and couples across the globe.

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Get your ducks in a row

It should come as no surprise that this is a frontrunner. Many people assume that wedding planning (and event planning in general, for that matter) is much more straightforward than it is. There is so much more to look at beyond what kind of outfit you'll don or what flavour cake you prefer. The unfortunate truth is that, more often than we realise, people let others take the reins when planning their wedding - and that never seems to work out well.

1/ "I still kind of dream of being able to wear a "real" wedding dress and having flowers in my hair or dancing with my husband," said Jess*. "[I let] my mother arrange everything! I was young, 23. I trusted her guidance. No bridal gown (cream bridesmaids dress, was told gown was too formal), no dancing, no photography at ceremony or luncheon, just a few photos at home by a family friend. [I] was discouraged from getting hair and makeup done. No honeymoon, that would be silly. [The] whole thing [was] done for $2,000."

2/ "[I regret] not eloping," said Yuki*. "If you're thinking of doing it, DON'T LET YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW DECIDE. Just go for it."

3/ "I wish I would have taken more control of things," said Lisa*. "My mother-in-law swooped in and basically planned my whole wedding. She made the invitations, and they were seriously awful looking. I just didn't even care at that point, the drama was endless, and I just wanted it over with. That's horrible to say about your wedding day."

4/ "[I regret] letting other people help pay. As soon as that happens, they take over the wedding. Guestlist, decor, cake, everything," said Mark*. "All we wanted was a smallish celebration with 75 people and to have an awesome wedding. But we wound up with a big celebration that was kind of mediocre - and really stressful."

5/ "My husband and I were just recently married a few weeks ago," said Kyle*. "We had been planning for a huge wedding with the catering and the bar and the DJ and everything, and I was just stressed. I was crying every night from frustration. I didn't want to do it. That's not to say that I didn't want to marry the most amazing man; I just didn't want to feel like animals in a zoo to please everyone. Even with severely limiting the guest list, there were still like 60 to 70 people I didn't know that I didn't care to have there, and quite frankly, I didn't want to spend $100+ on some cousin's kid that we had to have there to please my in-laws. My one regret is planning for months and being stressed before we decided to do something that would make us happy."

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Then, of course, there's the flip side, where couples bite off more than they could chew with wedding planning. It's important to realise that managing your special day isn't a binary affair; you don't have to choose between relinquishing everything and bearing all the work and stress of planning on your own. Like all good things in life, wedding planning is about balance. Ask yourself how much time and energy you can spare, then work from there. We're pretty sure some of these couples wish they'd done the same.

6/ "[I regret] not delegating enough," said Charlie*. "I planned/organised our [entire] wedding. On the day, I was still corralling people for photos, using my teacher voice to let people know where to go next and [so on]. Our tea ceremony got delayed for 30 minutes [because] various family members wandered off and didn't show up on time, and I, the bride, was madly rushing through the hotel and surroundings looking for them."

7/ "I wish my [partner] and I had a more intimate wedding that had been about us and not about everyone else," said Arushi*. "A courthouse wedding with witnesses sounds pretty awesome compared to 3 years of planning for 400 people in a church and gymnasium reception. I gained 40 lbs due to stress. I let my family dictate the guest list. Yep, weddings are hell."

8/ "I regret not spending more on a professional day-of coordinator," said Andrew*. "I paid a family friend to take my lists and timeline and just make sure everything got done. I'm pretty sure she did absolutely nothing except give my mother-in-law [an] attitude about using all the extra flowers."

9/ "I regret getting [my] day-of coordinator. She basically just sat in a chair and while [everything] happened," said Max*. "My husband and I had to take care of it [all]. I regret not outsourcing more tasks leading up to the wedding. I regret letting my stress show during the wedding. No one would listen, and I was really bad at hiding how frustrated I was. Basically, if I could turn back time and do it differently, I absolutely would."

10/ "Not much, but mostly I regret not asking for help during the planning process," said Sabrina*. If people want to help, let them and trust them to get it done. I can be a bit controlling with this stuff, so no one wanted to get in my way, so I needed to let people in more instead of feeling alone and stressed."

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What's it worth?

How much you spend and why is a very personal decision. Weddings can be as lush and glamorous as you wish or as rustic and quaint as you dream. Either way, it should ultimately come down to you and your partner as you plan your big day. From monetary concerns to elopements, these couples' regrets run the gamut when it comes to why they spend as much (or little) as they did on their weddings. In some cases, saving money leads to eating up time; in other cases, spending money leads to a lukewarm sense of regret at not following their gut.

11/ "I regret the DIY part," says Justin*. "Was my wedding exactly how I envisioned it? 90% yes! The wedding itself was amazingly awesome. That said, the stress leading up to it outweighed the money I saved. If I [had] known that the day before and morning of setup would be so intense, I would have paid more just so that I could relax, get pretty, and enjoy the time with my friends and family."

12/ "Our wedding was so DIY because we wanted it to have a very personal feel, but also because we were trying to manage a pretty modest budget," said Lulu*. "All the effort that we put into planning made for a great event for our guests, but it was pretty stressful to oversee the details, which made it a challenge to fully enjoy the day ourselves."

13/ "I enjoyed my wedding (pretty traditional, [around] 100 guests), but if I had to do it again, I'd elope with no guests," said Ysabel*. "Not entirely sure the cost and stress of planning was worth it now that we're a few months beyond our wedding day. I think we could have done some sort of really awesome trip with the same amount of money for just the two of us, and that would have been better. The reason we didn't is because I didn't want to have to deal with all the would-have-been-guests whining about not getting to see us get married."

14/ "[I regret] not paying for a cleaning company at my venue," said Zai*. "Me, my wife and wedding party had to [spend] 2 hours cleaning up to get our deposit back."

15/ "Having a large extravagant wedding," said Alison*. "We paid for about 80% of the wedding ourselves, and my wife wanted a large wedding. I wanted her happy [so] I didn't speak up about it, so it's my fault too. We went through some tough financial times, and I had resentment thinking of the thousands of dollars that we could have had."

16/ "There were around 100 people at our wedding," said Jun*. "Could have easily invited around 25 people, saved some money and had an epic party afterwards."

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Making Memories

Here it is, one of the biggest and most obvious wedding regrets of all time: photography. With it being the most tangible way to remember your special day, it's no wonder that brides, grooms and couples everywhere have strong opinions on their wedding photographer. Whether it's regretting the style, direction or quality of the photography, everyone has input on wedding photography. Perhaps the saddest of all are the couples that chose not to have a wedding photographer at all.

17/ "I regret that we didn't spend more on our photographer," said Jasper*. "There was one that we really liked, but he was over our budget by about $700. We mostly paid for our own wedding, and that $700 might as well have been $7000 to us back then. Instead, we got a less expensive photographer and have regretted it ever since. Looking back, I think we could have pulled the [money] from somewhere to get the better photographer. At the end of the day, that's really all you have left!"

18/ "[I regret] cheaping out on many things, but most importantly cheaping out on [a wedding] photographer," said Belle*. "A friend with a good camera swore she's a good photographer. We ended up with like five in-focus photos. Not even great photos, but non-blurry photos. We ended up dressing up again the weekend after and took a dozen way better photos ourselves with a tripod, a windshield reflector, and three lamps so we have something to send to relatives."

19/ "[I regret] cheaping out on the photographer!" said Ana*. "We let my husband's cousin, who swore she would bring professional equipment, do it. Now I have fuzzy, dark wedding photos, and it makes me sad."

20/ "[I regret] not hiring a professional photographer," said Thalia*. "Our [wedding photos] weren't very good."

21/ "I really wish I had gotten professional photos," said Hope*. "We eloped after a work-related trip to Grenada, and my mother-in-law offered to take the pictures for us. We agreed because photography was her hobby, and we were broke. As a result, I have a spare handful of photos of my husband and me from that day…"

22/ "I wish I would have hired a better photographer," said Julian*. "Ours took amazing shots but gave them to me so I could only print them at 4x6. I had to walk her through, step by step, on how to get them from her memory card and into Dropbox at a normal size so I could print them bigger than 4x6. So I have like...10 that I can print bigger, and that's it."

23/ "My number one regret is telling people not to take pictures," said Erick*. "I know it sounds dumb, but it is much worse than that. In our agreement with our photographer, she told us that other cameras were not allowed as the flash from another camera could ruin our pictures. So we politely told people to refrain from taking pictures and explained the situation. We had a great wedding, and the photographer even sent an extra photographer to work the wedding. A few weeks after we tried contacting her for the photos, we got ghosted. We tried for about a year to track her down. We were still willing to pay for the photos, even unedited. We just wanted the photos. Fortunately, some people didn't get the message, so we have a few photos from our wedding. The worst part was that someone had contacted my wife through Facebook two weeks before the wedding warning us about her, but we decided to take the risk. When she showed [up] for the date, we were relieved and thought we dodged a bullet."

24/ "[I regret] not hiring a photographer," said Jasmine*. "We thought we'd save money and just ask friends to take lots of pictures. They took some, but I have maybe five pictures worth looking at. No pictures of the cake or table settings. I kind of remember what they look like. The only decent pic of my husband and I has our flower girl in it. She's sweet, and I love her, but it looks like she's our kid. Hire a photographer, people!"

25/ "[I regret] not paying attention to the photographer more," said Ivan*. "We gave him a list of things he needed to shoot for portraits, and he forgot to get a picture of me, my wife, and my parents…"

26/ "[I regret] not getting a photographer," said Lee*. "We got married in our home with some friends and family. A lot of it was 'do it ourselves on the cheap.' But things were nice! I couldn't find a photographer [in our budget], so I just thought I'd have people take pictures for us. I have a lot of fuzzy, out-of-focus and unflattering pictures. Even the one or two that we posed for, my husband's eyes are closed. It's my only regret of an otherwise nearly perfect day."

27/ "We took no pictures whatsoever," said Drew*. "I don't regret doing the courthouse thing, I don't regret not telling anyone it was happening until it was done, and I certainly don't regret our 'reception' being a steak dinner. [But we don't have] any photos, meaning that the closest thing we have to a wedding picture is a World of Warcraft screenshot of our characters... Ten years later, it'd be cool to have a real photo."

28/ "My uncle hired us a "photographer" that he knew as his "present" to us," said Jamie*. "We weren't thrilled, but, hey, free photographer. The pictures were just terrible. We now have literally zero pictures of our beautiful day that we are in any way proud of or that we display. I wish that we had [gone] ahead and hired our own, uncle's feelings be damned."

29/ "​​I regret not telling the photographer to go away sooner," said Gina*. "We hired a professional photographer who, for me, was taking it all way too seriously. [They] made me and my wife pose for photos for nearly an hour whilst guests were waiting to eat. It only ended after I said I'd had enough and walked away. He wasn't happy about it. Utterly self-defeating to spend the day posing for photos instead of enjoying it. What's worse, he lost half of all of the photos."

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Making more memories

Then comes another great wedding regret, contesting with wedding photography: videography. It makes sense, after all. They're pretty much siblings in the world of wedding memories. So why is it that people don't consider wedding videography when they plan their days? Even if it's only part of the day that's caught on film, it's decidedly better than not having any of it at all. There's just no substitute for sound, colour and motion all wrapped in one as you walk down memory lane. These couples will tell you that much.

30/ "[I'm] wishing we had got someone to [film] it," said Cassandra*. "I was very emotional, and it went by in a blur."

31/ "I didn't want a photographer, but my sister-in-law convinced me otherwise," said Billie*. "She got a friend with a photography hobby to do her wedding photos. She regretted not paying for a professional. I am really glad I listened to her. I do wish, however, that I'd forked out the extra cash for a [wedding] videographer. It would be so nice to be able to look back on our memories or show our future children. I'm four years married, still regretting this!"

32/ "[I regret not] recording our vows," said James*. "Well, other people recorded it, but we never asked them for a copy because I guess it didn't really matter to us at the time."

33/ "[I regret] not having a videographer," said Blair*. "As the bride, you don't get to see everyone else walk down the aisle. It also passed in such a blur that I don't remember it."

34/ "[I regret] not having a videographer," said Whitney*. "I wish we had videos of our vows and dances and everything."

35/ "I really wish we had the ceremony videotaped," said Lakshmi*. "We spent a decent chunk of money on the photographer, and our photos look great! We didn't think we wanted a [videographer] at the time, but a year and change later, I really wish we did."

36/ "I regret not hiring a videographer," said Adam*. "We have pictures, but it would be nice to watch a video even of just the ceremony on our anniversary."

37/ "I regret not getting a videographer," said Lia*. "It's only been three weeks, and the memories are already starting to fade! That makes me feel so sad since the day was absolutely perfect!"

38/ "I would have found someone to [film] our ceremony," said Beth*. "We had a very unique ceremony with our own vows. I wish I had thought to have someone record it because now it will only exist in my memory which will fail me as I get older."

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Are you having the time of your life?

After, before or during, everyone has some regret revolving around time management. From not spending enough time with some to spending too much with others, there's a certain kind of tug-of-war between how you want to spend a day that is meant to be all about your love and how it ends up in reality. It's the nature of life to get swept up in the moment, but it's still something that these couples look back at with a twinge for not having things unfold as they wished they would.

39/ "I regret that I didn't have more time," said Alexandra*. "I didn't get to talk to several people who came to my wedding, and I didn't get to finish any of the beers I poured for myself."

40/ "I wish we'd gone to each table to get a photo with each group," said Mona*. "The photos were beautiful, and there were more than I remember taking, but I should have had someone who knew everyone have a list for each group. I actually cried on the honeymoon because I couldn't remember taking any photos besides the posed family shots - there were more than I remember, but not as many as I'd like."

41/ "I wish I had walked slower down the aisle to my husband," said Khanh*. "My dad and I both naturally take long strides when we walk, so what was supposed to be a 1-2 minute-long walk of suspense turned into a brisk 20-30-second stroll."

42/ "I regret leaving for the honeymoon the day after the wedding," said Ania*. "It would have been nice to sleep in, have brunch in bed, and spend most of the day together. Instead, we got up at 5 am, went to the airport, and spent 9 hours travelling."

43/ "I kept hearing people say that you have to make sure you get the time to eat dinner, so you don't miss out on all the good food you arranged," said Cameron*. "I think that's true, but I think I actually spent too much time just eating with my husband and watching the wedding around me. I wish I had eaten as fast as possible and spent more time visiting with people."

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Bite off what you can chew

You've spent a lot on planning your menu. The cake matters, the canapés matter, the courses matter - it all matters. It's not just the money that makes it important, but the time and effort that has gone into curating your perfect wedding day menu. When all is said and done, however, will you remember to make time to savour it? Between setting aside too much to eat and not setting aside any at all, you've got to remember how much energy goes into this day of celebrating. Also, how great is cake?

44/ "[I regret] that I didn't eat enough of the food," said Elise*. I was starving as we pulled up to the venue, but then adrenaline took over and 45 mins later when food was served, I wasn't hungry at all. I hardly touched the food. Several people, including one of my foodie friends, have said it was some of the best food they'd ever eaten. We had poutine, fried chicken sliders, grilled cheese and tomato soup shots, and mini-pancake stacks."

45/ "Not eating my food and cake," said Ari*. "[I'm] looking forward to my one year anniversary in order to taste it!"

46/ "[I regret] not having a good breakfast," said Vin*. "We got married early in the day on a beach, and all I could think about was how much I wanted a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, and bacon on a toasted English muffin with just a touch of hot sauce!"

47/ "I regret not having take-out boxes for guests to bring home extra cake," said Emma*. "I ordered more than I needed, and the servers cut smaller pieces than expected. It was freaking good cake too."

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All dressed up

Weddings aren't just about looking good, but also about feeling good. Expert sewists, hairstylists, makeup artists and designers will have you doing both. At times, couples tend to defer too much to them and let them run away with their outfits, train and all. Several brides have emphasised the importance of being comfortable when you're at your wedding, even if it means bearing a bit of discomfort during the ceremony.

48/ "[I regret] not getting a second dress to change into for the dance," said Evelyn*. "My dress was beautiful but very fitted. I kept talking about getting a second one that was more comfortable to wear later in the night, but everyone I spoke to talked me out of it... I ended up so uncomfortable that I didn't dance much or eat/drink much, for that matter!"

49/ "[I regret] not having my hair and makeup done right," said Kanna*. "I didn't want to fall into the trap of paying three hundred times more just because it's for your wedding, so I went to a salon and told them I was attending a wedding as a guest. I should have just splurged on it. For one, I never wore makeup or styled my hair fancily, so [I] had no idea what worked, what it should look like [and so on], and I wish I'd felt open enough to say, "Look, I want this to look really good." Secondly, these photos are for life. Everyone wants to see your wedding photos, and now what they see [are] my raccoon eyes and a horrible hairdo."

50/ "[I regret] not doing a hair trial," said Anastasia*. "I wound up with some weird Game of Thrones braids inspired mullet thing, and the curls fell out as soon as I left the hotel because it was super humid. I would have opted for something different. [I also regret] not switching out my dress for another one. My poor husband, for one reason and another, didn't get the things he wanted at the wedding, and one of the main things he wanted was to be surprised by my dress."

51/ "[I regret] having my dress so tight," said Lauren*. "My seamstress told me since it was strapless, I should have it tight so it would stay up. It was so uncomfortable. I could only eat a couple bites of dinner and have a couple sips of champagne before I had to stop due to it getting unbearably tight. Couldn't drink at all for the rest of the night, and felt like I couldn't 100% enjoy the dancing [because] all I was thinking about was getting back to the hotel and ripping the damn dress off."

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It's a party and you're (not) invited

This is one of the more sensitive topics to broach. Before their weddings, couples are concerned with the feelings of others more than their own. After the fact, they're filled with regret for not having listened to their own instincts. A wedding guest list is a personal thing; you should be celebrating with those nearest and dearest to you. This includes whether or not you're having a kid-friendly wedding - everything should be up to you. Some have learned this the hard way.

52/ "I don't know if this really can count as a regret because of my circumstances, but I wish I had been firmer about not inviting certain people," said Lola*. "By circumstances, I mean I did not want a traditional wedding. I just wanted a party, [but] because my husband and both our families were really super into [a] big wedding, I said okay. My mother and mother-in-law were super into the planning, and they had a good time with it - but I felt like I didn't get to have a say on the guest list, at least in the direction of [not wanting certain people there]."

53/ "[I regret] inviting people I didn't really want to invite," said James*. "They just cost you money, you don't interact with them at all, and they usually don't bring a nice gift to make up for it."

54/ "There were a couple people that we decided not to invite," said Albert*. "More accurately, we needed to cut a few after booking the hall and realising how many we could fit in the room. I didn't realise how hurt those few people would be. They brought it up years later. I still feel bad about it."

55/ "[I regret] Inviting 75% of the people," said Dion*. "Most of them I never see and are not involved in our lives. Would have rather spent the same amount of money on 25% of the people and had one hell of a high-end party."

56/ "[I regret] not paying for a babysitter," said Anna*. "We had so many young kids at our wedding. It was kid-friendly - but if we had two babysitters watching the kids, it would have been more fun for the parents."

57/ "[I regret] giving in and allowing children to attend," said Sophie*. "They interrupted the ceremony, broke [stuff] at the reception, stained my husband's vest, etc."

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We're going out tonight!

There are a lot of split views on bachelor parties, hen's nights and the like. While many adore the tradition of having a blast with their closest friends, others prefer a more sedate evening. Alternately, you'll find some couples don't want to bother with the fuss at all. Ask yourself if it'll be a safe, enjoyable night for yourself, as well as if it's something you want to begin with. Your bridal party or groomsmen are not just there to go out with you the night before - they're also there to help you when you need it, to fix the pins in your hair and to hold your hand when you're nervous.

58/ "[I regret] not having a real bachelorette party," said Jean*. "My maid of honour was in Berlin, one of the bridesmaids was in Italy, the rest were in San Francisco, and my sister was in South Dakota, so it would have been nearly impossible to get everyone to do a trip anywhere reasonable in advance. But my husband had a great week in Mexico with his best buds, and I wish I'd been able to do something similar."

59/ "We didn't have a wedding party, so no best man/groomsmen or maid of honour/bridesmaids," said Lewis*. "My wife got ready in the morning with my mom and her mom at home, but I got ready all by myself in the hotel room we were staying at after the reception. It was weirdly relaxing, but looking back, it seems kind of lonely. I really should have had my dad and a couple of friends there just to hang out and be cool with."

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Let me entertain you

If you think you can get away with a CD player and a bunch of speakers, think again. Your wedding music is vital. When you're walking down the aisle, when you're stepping onto the floor for your first dance, when you're partying the night away with your loved ones - this is the backtrack to one of the best days of your life. Why shouldn't you find wedding entertainment that encompasses that? Couples everywhere lament when they don't.

60/ "Don't get the friend of the family as a DJ," said Michael*. "Get a pro."

61/ "[I regret] our wedding song," said Eve*. "I wish we had picked a romantic top 40 hit from the year of our wedding so that when it gets replayed on the radio, we could be nostalgic. We picked an obscure song that is beautiful but never comes on unexpectedly."

62/ "The only thing I regret is not paying better attention to the DJ," said Leanne*. "We found a DJ through our caterer, and he was still fairly new to the business. While he was great with the mics and making sure the music was queued well, the reception music for dancing was awful. We provided a playlist for him to go off of and the type of music we wanted. [We] specifically said no country, and what did he play? Country. I just wish we spent more money on a better DJ. I didn't realise it was such a big deal since we had so many other big things going on."

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Take it easy

Now, this is an interesting one. When wedding planning, all couples tend to work themselves up. There's so much to do, so much to think about, so much that could go disastrously wrong. It ends up as an emotional sinkhole, drawing you in further and further. Resultantly, a massive wedding regret is not taking better care of themselves, both mentally and physically. Having a wonderful time on your wedding day also means being in a good headspace. Are you taking care of yourself?

63/ "I wish I would have been more relaxed," said Marco*. "I was so stressed about having everything perfect that most of the day I was a nervous wreck. I wasn't able to relax until the ceremony started. I wish I would have just spent the day calm and joyful instead of stressed."

64/ "I regret being so stressed out during the planning process," said Michelle*. "Everything I wanted didn't happen. I added a few things I'd never thought I wanted, and, at the end of the day, the whole thing turned out perfect."

65/ "[I regret] getting so worked up right before the ceremony," said Claire*. "I hardly remember a thing about it because I was so close to fainting through half of it. Take a breath, take another. Don't rush around trying to get everyone in the right place because something will mess up. It's going to happen, and the sooner you accept that, the less of a big deal it seems."

66/ "[I regret] not taking care of myself leading up to the wedding," said Shannon*. "What I mean to say is stressing out about the small things, working out way too much and not getting enough sleep. This all led to me waking up on the morning of my wedding day with a massive sinus infection. I remember just crying in bed for about 10 minutes because I couldn't believe I had spent a year and a half planning and looking forward to what was supposed to be the best day of my life, only to wake up in pain and feeling [awful]. When my bridesmaids came over to start getting ready, I looked at one of them and said, "I don't know how I am going to make it through today." I ended up losing my voice, so my vows sounded like a raspy teenage boy. For the rest of the night, I kept feeling unwell but told myself that I would regret not staying and having a good time. I never imagined [feeling] that way on my wedding day, and now I wish I could go back and relive it all over again while feeling better. Looking back, I would have done my best to take better care of myself in the few weeks leading up to the wedding. I would have gotten more sleep, drank more fluids and not pushed myself so hard at the gym and with planning."

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Unique conundrums

And then there are the wedding regrets that people don't mention that much - the seemingly tiny ones that stick with you even years later. We're including them so you can take a moment to consider them before your big day.

67/ "[I regret] not preparing a speech," said Louis. "I thought I'd just go up, thank everyone for coming and sit back down. Short and sweet, get it out the way. That's exactly what I did, without mentioning my parents or my wife."

68/ "​​The preacher started coaching me on 'what's next' as my gorgeous bride-to-be was walking down the aisle," said Lisa*. "I did not get to take in what was the most beautiful woman I ever saw walk down the aisle because I was trying to pay attention to what he was saying."

69/ "[I regret] getting separated from my wife at the wedding," said Freddie*. "She went to the bathroom and then got swarmed by friends and family, and she disappeared for what seemed like hours. The reason I regret it is that my wife looked so absolutely stunning that day, and I just wanted to look at her the entire time."

70/ "[I regret] not doing some sort of dance lessons or practice," said Yuna*. "We literally just swayed side to side, slowly rotating for the entirety of it…"