The 2022 Guide to Unique Wedding Games
By Raashka Mannie

14 July 2021

Your wedding will be the time of your life, and you want to share that, so let's get this party started.

Wedding games and entertainment are a facet of wedding planning that many mull over. You hum and haw as you consider your venue, the cost, your guests' preferences and personalities, and so much more. You're absolutely right, of course. There's tons to consider when you're picking out wedding games. It's all about striking that precise balance between what you adore and the people you adore.

With micro weddings being the latest trend in the world of weddings, we've been rewarded with a happy side effect: the emergence of new and exciting weddings games and entertainment.

Wedding entertainment is not limited to choosing the perfect band. It's also about the extra things you do for your guests to ensure they're having a fabulous time. As micro weddings continue to grow in popularity, we've come into wedding games that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for a way to make your special day all the more so, you've come to the right place.

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1/ Give me your hand

Palm reading is one of the quirkier ideas when it comes to deciding on wedding games. Practised worldwide, palmistry is the act of studying the palms of one's hand and trying to interpret their personality, future or past. When it comes down to it, it's tons of fun! You can hire a palm reader for your wedding and let your guests step into something fantastical.

2/ Let's get physical!

A trend that has been around for the better part of a decade, flash mobs are bright bursts of sound, choreography and colour. Why shouldn't you bring it to your big day as extra cool wedding entertainment? Mini flash mobs go either way at weddings. Couples can start them with their chosen group, or it can be a surprise for the happy couple. Either way, you'll be dancing in the moonlight, and everybody will be feelin' warm and right.

3/ It's in the heart of the cards

In a similar vein to palm reading, tarot cards are a particular art that inspires mystery and myth. Unlike palm reading, however, tarot card readers usually pose direct questions to their cards and draw answers based on the deck's replies. It's all very mystical - and very entertaining, too. This is the kind of wedding game that will have all your guests positively abuzz.

4/ Furry love

If you're an animal lover, this form of wedding fun will be right up your alley. Ideal for smaller or micro weddings, petting zoos can be the perfect way to provide unique wedding entertainment. You can hug fluffy llamas, feed frolicking lambs or more - whatever your certified supplier can safely leave in your care. It requires a little extra paperwork and precautions, but it's so worth it when you're busy scratching an alpaca behind the ears.

5/ Supersize me

Go big or go home! Supersized yard games are all the rage when it comes to wedding entertainment. These delights range from giant Jenga, bowling and dominoes to enormous Connect Fours, tic-tac-toe boards, chess sets and more. If you can enlargen pretty much any lawn or board game, you've got super fun supersized wedding games to make your big day all the better.

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6/ Let's do the twist

You don't need a flimsy, plastic mat to enjoy Twister. All you need is some safe cans of paint and a spinner so you can engage in a bigger and better version. This game is great for kids and grown-ups, so it's a two for one special. More of a classic wedding game, the unusual edge to lawn Twister is its location and size.

7/ It's all fun & games

It's the twenty-first century, and video games are more fun than ever. This is a form of wedding entertainment that will please all ages and all kinds. You can hook up consoles to projectors, televisions or any type of screen to get the party going. Choose multiplayer games like 'Mario Party' or 'Among Us' to seal the deal and watch as your guests have a ball.

8/ Drawn out

Get creative and hire a caricaturist for your wedding entertainment. These professionals are talented and timely, sketching out drawings, cartoons and more within minutes for you and your guests. Not only is this an engaging way to pass the time, but these personalised caricatures also serve as wedding favours - how's that for handy? 

9/ Bouncing off walls

This is the kind of amazing addition you'd find at a kids' party - but don't let that stop you. Bouncy castles are fun for everyone. You can leap for joy in the most literal sense in the safety of a bouncy house. The best part is that you can rent them out in a selection of shapes, sizes and colours. That's right: your bouncy castle can match the theme of your wedding to perfection. We simply couldn't ask for more.

10/ Paper love

One of the more elegant, relaxing solutions is origami. Not everyone will want lively wedding games, so you can choose low maintenance options such as origami. Print out instructions, carefully lay them out on chalkboards or hire an instructor - whichever route you take, your more laidback guests will be grateful. They say if you gather a thousand paper cranes, you'll be granted a wish from the heavens, so that's certainly something to look forward to.

Image by Joel Arbaje

11/ What the future holds

Fortune-telling isn't limited to tarot cards and palm reading. There are crystal balls, birth charts, pendulum reading, tea leaf reading, divination, and so much more. Find fortune-telling methods related to your culture or history, or even delve into new methods that you're keen to learn about. No matter the choice, this is a form of wedding entertainment that is sure to delight.

12/ Bet on me

Are you feeling lucky? Poker, blackjack, roulette and more - casino night at your wedding can be the talk of the town. You can set up tables on the lawn, marquee or indoors and get the ball rolling. If you want, you can even lean into the theme and hire some professionals to deal, serve and set the mood. Whatever your choice, casino night will always be a hit for how much laughter and talk it inspires.

13/ Fore!

Let's be honest, who doesn't love mini-golf? Portable and cute, mini-golf can be set up pretty much anywhere. You can go as elaborate as you want, laying out an entire course complete with props, or downsize it for something more adorable and manageable. This is a wedding game for all ages that you can make competitive, handing out prizes and gifts for the lucky winners.

14/ Sing your heart out

Sing the night away with karaoke on your special day. Wedding entertainment in every sense of the word, karaoke machines are a cinch to set up and get working. You and your guests can spend the day singing and dancing, with many vendors offering a huge variety of songs, artists and packages tailored to your requirements. After all, if someone isn't belting out Whitney Houston at your wedding, is it really complete?

15/ Make magic happen

A touch of sparkle can be just the thing you need. Magicians come in all shapes and sizes, making their performances as interactive (or not) as you like. They offer customised events for your wedding entertainment, using cards, coins, jewellery and other props to amaze you and your guests. Give them an allotted slot to entertain everyone, or have them blend into the country and surprise you all with something out of this world.

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16/ Take a spin

This is a little ritzier than most wedding entertainment, but we promise you it's guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone's face. Carousels and Ferris wheels are beloved across the globe, bringing with them a sense of childlike fantasy. Not only will these wedding games captivate your guests, but they'll also add to the décor of your big day. Nothing makes a statement like a vintage carousel twinkling in the background, right?

17/ Old school

Another dreamy vintage idea is arcade games. We're talking Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and all that good stuff. It's a throwback that so many of your guests will adore. It also contributes to the ambience of your big day, with several vendors having carefully restored each machine to preserve their original looks. Hire them out for your wedding games and watch as everyone struggles to remember how to use a joystick.

18/ To be or not to be?

Doubling as a fascinating favour, poetry writers are creative artists that you can seek out for your wedding. Whether it's sonnets or haikus, they'll speedily put together pieces to capture the atmosphere of your special day. When hiring a poetry specialist for your wedding entertainment, talk to them about the flexibility of their writing, portfolio and more. You're certain to find a poet that strikes the right chord.

19/ Paint the town

Keeping in line with creativity, you can find live painters for your wedding! How's that for entertainment? They can paint guests, scenes and moments with surprising dexterity. If you're having a micro wedding, these personalised paintings can also serve as favours for your guests to take home with them and treasure. Live painters have a spectrum of styles and speeds, much like poets, so be sure to do your research beforehand.

20/ Cheers to that

Who doesn't love a good drink? Mixologists are the masters of cocktails, expertly putting together incredible glass after glass. Why shouldn't your wedding entertainment be something as spirited as someone well-versed in spirits? Mixologists have traditionally spent time studying the art of the perfect cocktail. You can request bespoke drinks tailored to your guests' requests or personalities. Alternately, have them get innovative and whip up something completely custom-made.

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