How to Make the Most of Your Photobooth:
By Lydia Martin

12 July 2015

It's been five years since The Amazing Travelling Photobooth kicked off in New Zealand, and in this time they’ve become a staple item at many wedding receptions, and with good reason too! Not only is their photobooth tons of fun, it also makes for amazing memories. But before you book a photobooth for your upcoming nuptials or engagement party, The Amazing Travelling Photobooth have five do's and don’ts you need to consider in order to have the best experience you possibly can!

Image by Emily Roper, Clipic Wedding Photography

1. Choosing the right booth

Do your research. Consider all the differences and similarities of booth services out there. Kick the tyres and ask plenty of questions.

Don't be duped by a booth that is not really a ‘booth.’ Essentially, a photobooth is a place that brings people together. It should look great at your reception and it should give people a special feeling of being inside something unique. This is a tried and true recipe - you get great, candid pictures because there is not a person taking the photo. It should also take photos automatically and print them immediately so your guests can take them home.

Image by Emily Roper, Clipic Wedding Photography

2. Getting your guests involved

Do make sure you make it clear to your guests that you would love them to go home with a keepsake photo. The Amazing Travelling Photobooth makes this easier by offering photo strip envelopes as place holders, or wedding favours. Make sure you’ve prepped your MC to give a brief notice. If guests know that you would love a photo, they are more willing to get involved (and we promise they’ll enjoy it too!). It's a well-known fact that wedding receptions seem move at least twice the speed of regular time, and guests can easily go home having not 'got around to’ visiting the booth.

Don't make it compulsory though. No one likes ‘compulsory fun’, so prime your MC to be warm and welcoming with the offer. No one likes being told they have to do something, especially at a wedding. Better yet, charge some cheeky nieces or nephews to get the oldies involved early on.

Image by Emily Roper, Clipic Wedding Photography

3. Choosing where to place it

Do make sure the booth is placed where it can be seen and easily accessed. Occasionally venues have small side rooms that you or your planner might think is a great place for a photobooth. But make no mistake, out of mind is out of sight!

Don't forget to consider the special requirements of all of your guests. We know how important it is at a wedding that all of the guests can participate in as many aspects as possible. So if you are accommodating people whose mobility is challenged, consider a photobooth that is low enough, and can accommodate a wheelchair. We get a thrill when this happens!

Image by Kimberly Cheyne Photography

4. Selecting your props

Do consider props, but don't overdo them! Have you noticed that with the 'prop craze,' think moustaches, feather boas & funny signs, that you don't actually get to see much of anyone’s genuine smiles?  We think the most treasured photos are the ones that are the most natural. It's totally OK to include props, and they can be lots of fun, but encourage your guests to take natural, smiling photos as well. Remember - less is often best!

Image by Emily Roper, Clipic Wedding Photography

5. Making the most of it

Do remember to get your own photos in the booth. So many times we see the bride and groom consumed with greeting guests that they barely even get to eat their meal, let alone pop into the photobooth. A catalogue of guest images without a picture of the bride & groom can be disappointing. Which brings us to our final don't.

Don't forget an album. At The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, we supply beautiful handmade and embossed albums. It's a timeless and stunning guest book that will have everyone wanting to leave you a special message.

And for a bonus 'Doyou could try doing what these guys did, and use a photobooth to announce your surprise wedding!