Top 7 Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding!
By Felicity Newburry

10 February 2017

Summer is by far the most favoured season for couples to hold their wedding and there are some excellent reasons for this.

Summer lets you use outdoor locations in comfort, such as beaches and gardens. But summer’s counterpart, winter, also offers couples a unique array of options. Read on for our 7 reasons as to why winter is the wedding season of wonders!

Image by Andy Todes Photography

1/ “It’s a nice day for a white wedding”

Any season can bring you rain, wind, and sunshine. But there is only one season that will bring you snow, and that is winter. Whether you’re sticking with a white wedding dress or not, a wedding in the snow will ensure you, your partner, and your entire day is cloaked in sparkling and traditional white, without having to rely on white draping or décor.  It’s nature completely working in your favour!

If it doesn’t typically snow in the area in which you live or plan to get married, consider seeking the snow out. A wedding at a ski lodge, perhaps? Magical!

2/ A wedding of fairytale proportions – no matter the budget!

Fairy lights, candles and a blazing fire is an absolute must for a winter wedding. Not only this, but they bring with them that fairytale flare without breaking your budget. There is something romantic and whimsical about a celebration of love inside a cozy hall with mulled wine on tap and guests kept warm by the fire while the winter weather swirls around you outside. If you want to take it up a notch, you could throw your wedding in the snow swathed mountains at a lodge or you could even stage a charmed ceremony out in the winter weather itself!

Image by Country Living Magazine

3/ Thrifty in the snow drifts!

One of the biggest bonuses of throwing a wedding in the winter is not many do. This means that anything or anyone you need to hire, such as venues, florists, caterers and photographers are easier to hire at a time that suits. Taking this thriftiness up another level is the fact that many venues offer cheaper rates during the winter months. This is due to the lower amount of business they receive during this time.

4/ Rain, hail or shine – the show will go on!

What concerns so many will be of no concern to you. No matter the weather, your wedding will go off without a hitch! You and your guests will know that the wedding is in winter and thus everyone will come prepared for weather changes. Not only this, but however you choose to throw your wedding, whether warm inside a hall, or outside under cover, the weather will only enhance these choices!

Image by Pearls and Berries Media

5/ The magic words: comfort food

If there is one thing synonymous with cold, wintry nights, it’s comfort food. Consider setting up a hot cocoa bar, pumpkin soup and warm bread rolls for dinner or s’mores for desert! One thing is certain, your guests will love it! For favours you could adopt the DIY trend of home baked cookies. And an extra bonus – the hearty ingredients required for comfort food is guaranteed to be cheaper in winter!

6/ Bridal attire to envy!

Seasonal bridal fashion is always exciting and winter wedding attire is no exception! In fact, it may be more so given the amount of room for experimentation there is with winter fashion. Winter brides are blessed with the ability to don faux fur, capes, full-length gloves, muffs, luxurious coats, dresses of either sturdier or softer fabric with either structured looks or a gentle, whimsical style. There isn’t a lot of restriction in winter like there is with a summer wedding. In the summer months, you absolutely have to stay cool, while in winter, you only need to stay warm! You can dress up and dress down, all in the same day. The options with dress types and layers are endless!

Image by Thomas Prior Hall

7/ Undivided guest lists!

Everybody needs a holiday and in winter there aren’t many. This means guests will be busting to consider your wedding as the perfect winter break! Not only this, but you are almost guaranteed RSVP’s. Why? Because most couples choose the warmer months to throw their weddings and guests often attend several weddings in a single season, forcing them to choose which weddings they can and cannot attend. Hosting your wedding in the winter will save guests from these decisions as your special day may be the only one on their agenda. Winter means you’re more likely to get their undivided attendance!