Top 6 Auckland Venues for an Urban Chic Wedding
By Luke Ellery

10 February 2017

A few months ago we released a blog about the rise of the urban chic wedding trend. Sophisticated inner city brides love this trendy theme that is both cost-effective and stylish.

Urban chic is about bringing the outside in and drawing inspiration from the concrete jungle that we call Auckland City. Some simple features of an urban chic wedding include exposed brick walls, metal rigging, storage pallets, and as many pot plants as you can gather.

With so many brides loving this theme we thought we could help you out by breaking down our favourite Auckland Weddings venues that would be ideal for an urban chic wedding. So grab your planning book and take note because these stunning venues are perfect for your sleek urban wedding. 


1/ Pilkingtons 

Image supplied by Pilkingtons

If there was a scale of upmarket urban chic to bohemian urban chic, Pilkingtons would definitely be on the upmarket side of it. The bounty of hanging pot plants and the peristyle courtyard creates the perfect urban garden which brings so much life to an inner city wedding. As Pilkingtons is a restaurant as well as a venue it is, for the most part, already decorated. The interior designers have done an amazing job creating an urban oasis, but it does leave you less of an opportunity to have a stripped back urban wedding. If you want the hard work done for you however, this is definitely a pro.  

2/ Quay Project  

Image supplied by Quay Project

The perfect venue for a bride who wants to design their own wedding space. Quay Project is the king of exposed brick walls. To some people Quay Project might look a little rough around the edges, but to a bride planning an urban chic wedding, it is a jackpot of bohemian architecture. There are so many options with a space like Quay Project; dip into the budget for some festoon lights and indoor greenery and you have the perfect urban chic wedding venue. 

3/ The Orange  

Image supplied by The Orange

A multi-levelled function building with plenty of spaces available, The Orange gives you the gift of choice to ensure that your ceremony and/or reception is performed in the best possible setting. Stunning high roofs and exposed brick are some other great benefits. However, its most grand feature is the beautiful wooden ceiling frames - perfect for hanging plants or festoon lights. This venue is very spacious so is ideal for a large number of guests.  

4/ The BlueStone Room  

Image by WonderFerris

Nestled in the refurbished heritage building on Durham Lane, The Bluestone Room has beautiful stone walls with wooden framed roofs. This venue gives a rustic spin on the urban chic theme, but since rustic themed weddings have been going strong for some time now, who's to say mixing the two together isn't a great idea!

5/ Carrington's Pump House 

Image supplied by Carrington's Pump House

Carrington's Pump House is the result of a cleverly renovated Victorian pump house. High roofs, exposed brick walls, wooden ceiling frames, and large, arched windows that let in great rays of light make this venue the ideal space for creating your dream urban chic wedding. This venue also combines the old and the new with a very modern outdoor bar, which can tie in quite nicely with the sophisticated theme. Carrington's Pump House also has beautiful natural surroundings which makes it ideal if you want an urban looking venue without actually having to find a venue located on the streets of the busy Auckland CBD.  

6/ Sapphire Room 

Image by Kate Little Photography

Sapphire Room is a spacious venue that gives its inhabitants the feel of an urban loft with its recycled wooden floors and high ceiling. The mix of textured walls and exposed brick gives this space a very industrial look. Sapphire Room also features a beautiful sliding barn-door which inspires the sensation of bringing the outside in. The perfect mix of plants, lights, and maybe a few Persian rugs can make this space the perfect stylish and sophisticated urban chic venue. Their profile provides a great example of what an urban wedding venue should look like, so check out their photos and get inspired by this urban heaven.