Top 9 Summer Wedding Trends of 2016
By Felicity Newburry

10 February 2017

Like every other season, summer comes with its own set of fantastic reasons to host a wedding.

You have the sunshine for a start, which makes an outdoor wedding completely doable. You also have access to specific locations, such as a beach or a boat, which would be unpleasant in winter or autumn. This year, summer weddings have some exciting, new and emerging trends to tap into. Read on to find out about the top 9 wedding trends this summer!

Image by Fifty Flowers

1/ Big, bold & beautiful

Alongside bright blue skies and blazing yellow suns, we’re seeing colour pallets at summer weddings to match! Combinations of orange, pink, yellow and blue are huge amongst daring brides and grooms-to-be this summer and are a fun and exciting new trend to latch onto!

2/ Perfectly imperfect

Couples all around are loving the new summer trend of undone bouquets. These arrangements are artfully created to look as though they were quickly bunched together from grandma’s garden, or gathered during a wander through the forest before the ceremony. This summer, the term “weed” is being reconsidered, as we are seeing plants such as clover, dandelions and ragwort making its way into wedding bouquets. This trend is great because with enough hands on deck, your bouquets could be a DIY effort!

wedding food truck
Image by Salt & Pine Photography

3/ Meals on wheels

Ice cream or fish-and-chips trucks are an iconic element of the kiwi summer and now they’re infiltrating weddings! Not only are they convenient but also there are hundreds of different food truck businesses to choose from. Do you want a taco truck? A churro truck? Or even an espresso truck? The possibilities are endless! One thing is for sure - food trucks are bound to become a summer wedding staple.

4/ Fabulous flavours

Summer is the season for foodies. With delicious fruits and berries in season, such as the kiwi favourites, strawberries and fejoas, summer weddings are a place for couples to try interesting and exciting flavor combinations. This is often utilised in cakes, with different layers featuring different and delightful flavours.

Image by Wilkie

5/ Marvelous midriffs & superb separates

In 2015 we saw the return of the midriff and we loved it! This summer, brides and bridesmaids are carrying the trend on into weddings, by sporting elegant crop tops and high-waisted skirts. Others are wearing classy combinations of floaty shirts and skirts and shorts. It’s great to see that this summer, the women of the bridal party can enjoy the day in comfort!

6/ Blushing brides

Tentatively grasping onto the coloured wedding dress movement gaining speed this summer, beautiful wedding gowns in blush and beige can be spotted all over the place! Wedding dresses in these colours are a great way to bring colour into your bridal pallet while not straying too far from the comfortable and traditional white wedding dress.

Image by MyWedding

7/ Earth-friendly celebrations

With all of us becoming far more aware of the stress we put our planet under every day, weddings this summer are wonderfully eco-friendly. Favours, such as seedlings and succulents, are popping up and décor, such as centerpieces, are being created out of recycled/reusable material. This trend is becoming more and more popular and it’s great news for all of us, the earth included!

8/ Cocktail frocks

Bridesmaids are looking fantastic this summer in mismatching cocktail frocks. Whether jumping into the bold colour trend of this summer or sticking with pastels or a single colour, the concept of differing short dresses cut from the same fabric is a great way to dress bridesmaids in outfits that are comfortable, suited to them and perfect for a summers day!

Soul Sisters Photography
Image by Soul Sisters Photography

9/ Songs from long ago

This summer, we’re seeing couples bringing back classics such as ‘At Last’ by Etta James and ‘I Put A Spell On You’ by Nina Simone for the first dance or aisle music. If you love the sound of this, check out other tracks such as ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ by Frank Sinatra and ‘It Had To Be You’ by Dooley Wilson.