10 Dazzling Wedding Dress Trends of 2021
By Raashka Mannie

18 November 2019

Wedding dresses: they come in every shape and size, but they never go. They’re beloved by us all - and with good reason.

Over the last year, we’ve seen some gorgeous wedding dress trends shimmy their way into the spotlight. Anita from Vinka Design is here to lend us a helping hand when it comes to bridal fashion and its ever-changing nature.

“Trends are constantly evolving,” she told us. “We can create a gown and the penny usually drops about a year later! Really depends on each individual bride and the style of wedding they are choosing.”

So what are the biggest wedding dress trends for 2019/2020? According to our research, there are 10 trends that have been making their statement worldwide. You can make your way through our handy list to see what’s what, and maybe decide to give one of these wedding gowns a twist of your own. After all, as Anita reminded us, “Kiwi brides are more into doing their own thing versus following a particular trend.”


1/ Minimalist and Modern

Image by Pinterest

“We adore this trend!” Anita said. “We are seeing this trend as something that sits comfortably with New Zealand brides as it is sophisticated, yet elegant and simple. This look can be paired with a beautiful lace or pearl adorned veil and statement accessories! We recently designed a collection inspired by this trend.”

The minimalist trend is as uncomplicated and gorgeous as it gets. These wedding dresses are as chic as can be, which will leave the bride looking like the very epitome of grace.


2/ “Naked” Dresses

Image by Vinka Design

“This is definitely a popular one for the confident bride! But I wouldn’t call it ‘naked’ per se,” Anita said. “However, it is definitely a more modern look which provides the bride with a fabulous silhouette. This also shows off the lace work we are so well known for, so we’re big fans of this.”

Dare to be different with this trend: wedding dresses and ensembles that hug the figure and offer intricate lace work, plunging necklines and gossamer material. It’s a sure way to make a statement!


3/ Sleeves

Image by Vinka Design

“We love sleeves! Sleeves in the last few years have been extremely popular,” Anita said. “It’s all about the fit and the cut, letting the lace do the talking. Works in well with a simple silhouette or a more traditional one.”

You can do a lot of things with sleeves, as it turns out. Cap sleeves, puffy sleeves, sheer sleeves, draped sleeves, long sleeves, lace sleeves - whatever you suits you and your wedding dress best.


4/ Lace

Image by Vinka Design

“We have always been passionate about lace and its many forms,” Anita said. “To me, lace will always be in bridal fashion.”

And we couldn’t agree with her more. Lace is one of the wedding industry’s greatest loves (right up there with florals) and it has cemented itself in the trending section of wedding dresses forevermore. Long live the love of lace!


5/ Soft Hues

Image by Vinka Design

“Grey, silver, blush and soft golds,” Anita said, ever full of fashion wisdom. “They’re definitely trending.”

This is a more “modern” colour palette that has gained popularity in recent times. Grey, silver, blush and soft gold are all colours that exude sophistication and can be seamlessly worked into minimalist wedding dresses. What’s not to love about a blush wedding gown, anyway?


6/ Capes

Image by Vinka Design

“I’ve seen [some of] this trend,” Anita said. “It’s all about providing brides with options.”

Which is what capes do so well. Think fairy tales, think knights and princesses - you’re seeing where the inspiration has come from, right? Wedding capes are what is known as a ‘statement trend,’ allowing for brides to go over the top with an accessory. There are a ton of choices, from capelets made of chiffon to sheer capes with delicate bead work.


7/ The “Anti-Dress”

Image by David's Bridal

“This is a fantastic trend for the less traditional bride,” Anita said. “A very modern and sleek way to express yourself without conforming to the usual expectations. We have made several lace jumpsuits with and without overskirts for a big reveal after the ceremony.”

Jumpsuits, pantsuits, and blouses and slacks. Who says a wedding dress has to be a wedding dress? It’s your wedding day, so wear what makes you happy. With a host of styles (wide leg, strapless, off-the-shoulder and so on), you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing your not a wedding dress.


8/ Bows

Image by Brides

“Yes! We adore bows,” Anita said. “We are seeing more brides interested in adding a little bit of something exciting to a simpler gown. Bows are really the finishing touch to a modern silhouette.”

This trend can be seen across the board. They can be as dramatic or as understated as you like, but they add a touch of whimsy no matter their size or style.


9/ Feathers

Image by Vinka Design

“Feathers are on the rise,” Anita said. “Feathers create such a stunning effect and add movement to any gown. We love feathers, and have included elements of it in several of our collections.”

Add glamour to your wedding gown with feathers. They’re full of fancy and fashion, offering bold options for bridal wear. There are cascading feather trims, feather cuffs, feather straps and even feather accessories (such as capes and shawls).


10/ Belts

Image by Magaela

“Belts are definitely on the upturn,” Anita said, and we can see why.

They’re a much needed accessory to wedding dresses, even if you don’t initially realise that. Bridal belts come in a plethora of designs, from rhinestone encrusted and pearl dotted to antique brass and boho chic. They’re crafted to give your wedding dress (or non-dress) a distinct accent, be it a simple swathe of satin and a sprinkle of glitter or something far showier.