10 Sparkly Wedding Lighting Ideas You Have to See
By Raashka Mannie

21 July 2021

"It's the kind of kiss that inspires stars to climb into the sky and light up the world." — Tahereh Mafi, possibly referring to your upcoming wedding.

It's here, it's happening, it's the big day - so you're keen to make it look that way, right? With micro weddings being all the rage, wedding lighting is adapting and evolving to match ambient affairs.

Wedding lighting is so much more than that brief window of golden hour for the perfect snap. It's you standing beneath your flower arch; it's your loved ones watching with bated breath; it's dancing under the moonlight with a smile as wide as the world. Wedding lighting is part of all of those things. It sets the mood for your entire day in ways you may not even think of - which is why we're so very thankful for the wedding lighting experts out there. As weddings grow more and more individualised and cosy, the trend of immersive lighting to suit them has started trending in all the best ways. This kind of wedding lighting is not around to simply light things up but to frame those moments in soft beauty like you wouldn't believe.

Check out these incredible wedding lighting ideas, styled to perfection when it comes to atmospheric and micro weddings.


1/You're a sky, you're a sky full of stars…

And even during cloudy times, with this wedding lighting, you can have stars sparkling above you all night long. Suspended above dance floors, reception spaces, ceremonies and more, these fairy lights or golden bulbs offer a personalised blanket of stars for your wedding. Does it get any more magical?

Image by Click and Pum

Image by Chase Wild Photography

Image by Kami Olavarria


2/ Just a touch of the mystical

You don't have to go big or go home. A smattering of fairy lights, bulbs or a good mixture will result in statement spots, aglow and amazing. You can have patches serving as your wedding lighting, tucked behind chairs or in cosy corners for a dreamy feeling that will give your big day the atmosphere of a crackling fire in winter.

Image by Zahn

Image by Sergio Sandona Photo

Image by Zahn


3/ Dance until the curtain call

Or, in this case, with the curtain. Strings of fairy lights actually make for awe-inspiring 'curtains' of light. You can install them creatively, whether it's a backdrop or used as a makeshift partition. Either way, it's an innovative wedding lighting solution that is sure to end up looking glam when done just right.

Image by Pablo Laguia

Image by Juanlu Rojano

Image by David Bastianoni


4/ Art for art's sake

You can think outside the box with your wedding lighting. At micro weddings, wedding lighting that doubles as art installations is growing more and more common. It makes for very memorable photo ops!

Image by Gabbinbar Homestead

Image by Pinterest

Image by The Light Painters


5/ Just the two of us

If you're having a teeny tiny affair, the most micro of micro weddings, then you can decorate the spaces around your dining area. Personalised plating, seating and menus can also come with romantic lighting to boot - who's going to say no to that at a wedding?

Image by Amber Gress

Image by Adam Popovic Photography

Image by We Are Origami Photography


6/I'm gonna swing from the…

Chandelier, of course - but let's dress it up a bit to go with this wedding gown. Use lanterns, bare bulbs, candles or more to make your chandelier or light fixture stand out from the crowd. In fact, take your chandelier outside and hang it from the trees so the crowd can really appreciate it.

Image by Luxe Chandeliers

Image by Zahn

Image by Oco-7


7/ Light the way

If there's a stairwell, pathway, staircase or any hidden nook around, why not emphasise it? Line the winding stairs with flickering candles to lead the way; place fairy lights on the pathway to guide guests; string up ambient lighting in a cosy nook for conversations. It'll make your wedding feel and look extra mystical.

Image by Henry + Mac

Image by Preston Bailey

Image by Caroline Tran


8/ Beneath the lights

Who said your wedding arch has to be dazzling flowers alone? It can be dazzling lights, too! It can be all lights if you're truly longing for that. Wedding arches bring out some of the best in wedding styling, so don't be afraid to try out new things that add sprinkles of glamour to your big day.

Image by Henry Tieu Photography

Image by The Pretty Prop Shop

Image by Pinterest


9/ The centre of attention

Walk on the wild side with fairy lights atop your tables. Your centrepieces can suspend themselves from the ceilings, or you can hide glass orbs, bulbs, twinkle lights, candles and more in them. All we know is that they will look divine beyond all else.

Image by Zahn

Image by Two Little Starfish

Image by Healing Manor Hotel


10/ Inside out? Outside in

Installations of greenery are more and more common at weddings. They're a surefire way to make a bold, beautiful statement when saying 'I do.' These days, folks are all about mixing that greenery with lighting, culminating in something truly stunning.

Image by Zahn

Image by Amanda Thomas Photography

Image by Jamie-Mae Lees