Bridal Inspiration For Shorter Hairstyles

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

You would think that having short hair meant your options were more limited when it came to choosing a hairstyle for your wedding. You have less hair to work with, after all. Paradoxically, this doesn’t seem true, with a near infinite range of gorgeous hairstyles and design elements available for your consideration. From braids to shaves, there’s a short hairstyle to suit every bride. To get you started on that journey towards making a decision, we’ve brought you seven looks for short-haired brides that are sure to make an impression walking down the aisle.


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Image by Memory Box Photography

Cut right, a fringe designed to flatter your face can be utterly transformative for your bridal look. Blunt, side-swept, choppy… there are so many types of bangs you can have that will alter your appearance. If you’re looking for something on the less dramatic side of the hair spectrum, consider a curtain fringe. Swiftly on their way to becoming the biggest trend in bridal hair in 2018, curtain fringes - worn with a parting at the shortest section so that the longer parts frame your face in a nonchalant yet romantic way - suit most face shapes and hair types. 


bridal, hair, inspo, inspiration, bride, style

Image by Rachel Loewen Photography

Soft waves look stunning particularly in shorter hair because, unlike with longer hair lengths, you won’t run the risk of the waves looking messier than you want. It’s a hairstyle that will make you look effortlessly put together, and can serve as a standalone signature look without further detailing. However, if you do want more adornment, this style also looks beautiful when decorated with flowers (a few statement blooms or even a flower crown), a headpiece, or statement hair accessory. 


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Image by Memory Box Photography

Chopping off your tresses does rule out many of the heavily braided hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have braids at all! A braid like the one in the image above can bring some structured elegance to an otherwise tousled look and can add a point of interest in your wedding photographs by making your profile look a little different to your frontal view. 


bridal, hair, inspo, inspiration, style, wedding, hairstyle

Image by Jodi & Kurt Photography

Channel your inner Twiggy with a cropped hairstyle like the one in the image above. You can offset the boyish element a little with a headpiece or flowers in order to emphasise the bridal aspect of this bridal look. Curls around the face can be added as a softening feature, as can textured layering. 


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Image by Marie Marry Me

Sweeping your hair up and back creates an almost identical effect to an elegant updo with longer hair. It’s the perfect way to merge the boyish aspect of a short cut with feminine vibes. The key to pulling this look off well is getting the volume just right - after that it’s just a matter of styling the swept-up look into the degree of formality you want (a teased up-sweep can be a more relaxed and fun alternative).


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Image by Darren Roberts Photography

There are so many phenomenal bridal hairstyles incorporating side shaves and undercuts. They bring an edgy dimension to your overall look and are perfect for offbeat brides who want a divergent aesthetic. We don’t recommend you try undercut hairstyles for the first time on your wedding (or even at the trial) because if you change your mind about the look it’ll take several months to reverse the process and grow your hair back to its former length. So if you, like us, have fallen in love with the modern glamour of this look, trial it earlier rather than later.

7/ Undone: Organised Chaos 

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Image by Marie Marry Me

Not all brides are born with hair that moulds into every look. You may have a stunning short afro, or hair that reacts severely to humidity or even hair that chooses the style for you. Hair like this often works well with an undone relaxed look. However, the undone look is far from informal, especially when adorned with bridal crown (as above), or a veil, or even a subtle hairpiece. 

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