How A Stylist Can Save Your Wedding

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Wedding stylist: a term that you will hear, no doubt, multiple times whilst planning your wedding. But what exactly do they do and how can the save your wedding? 

What is a Wedding Stylist?

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Well, a wedding stylist is someone who focuses on the aesthetic of a wedding. Their main aim is to ensure that your guests are having the time of their life in a beautifully decorated and thought out space that reflects your “couple style” as well as individual personalities. They keep up to date on trends, can create fresh designs, create colour palettes, give advice on important areas for the overall design concept and then give you the best floor plans to maximise design and ambience.  
Generally, there are two kinds of people that will hire a stylist. This first is someone who admits that they aren’t overly creative but realise they want their wedding to stand out or have a point of difference. They also realise that in order to achieve this, they will need to bring in a professional who is trained and who has an eye for detail. This could also be relevant if the wedding venue you have chosen is a location that either you or your guests have attended weddings previously. No one wants their wedding to blend into the chaos that is wedding season and so a stylist would be perfect to help you create an awesome look, even in a pre-loved space.
The other is the bride who knows what she wants and just needs someone to make it happen. This can come in a variety of ways. Perhaps she works in a creative industry and wants to have a hands-on approach to the planning. Maybe she works a high powered super busy job and wants to be able to hand over the reins and just make final decisions. Whatever it is, a stylist can work within your requirements to make magic happen!

How Does a Wedding Stylist Work?

style, stylist, arrangement, wedding, floral, colour, tones, bride, planning, wedding

After booking your stylist they usually sit down with you and your partner in order to get to know both of you on a more personal level. They will ask you to bring images that speak to you (not necessarily of weddings) and will possibly ask about your home, travels and childhood. This allows them to connect with you and get a feel for the type of people you are and the areas that are special to you.  
Once your stylist comes back to you with an overall design concept, this will streamline the work involved for everyone. Given that they’ve already worked with, and chosen the best suppliers, they will put you in touch with amazing industry contacts that will suit your specifications. This will save you the hassle of trawling the internet and attending multiple vendor meetings, all whilst working back and forth through hundreds of emails. A stylist will give you a clear design as well as the process of how to achieve it as cost effectively as possible. This means you won't be left to guess if the pricing from the various suppliers you’ve met with seem right. They can tell you off that bat what costs to expect based on previous weddings as well as your requirements and choices and can often come up with alternatives to create a similar design should the budget not suit your initial ideas.  They have an epic ability to source unique décor items to give your wedding that extra pizzazz and if you’re really lucky they will design and commission bespoke pieces to help accomplish the design. 

What Can I do for my Stylist?

style, stylist, arrangement, wedding, floral, colour, tones, bride, planning, wedding

Having a clear idea of the look you are aiming for and how to achieve it will help keep your budget on track. It will save you from unnecessary spending on the items “you will find a place for” simply because you love them, or buying random things that you find on special because you think you might need them. We all do this and not just for our weddings!
“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur”

Stylists Can Save the Day

style, stylist, arrangement, wedding, floral, colour, tones, bride, planning, wedding

One of the best roles of a wedding stylist is that once all the designing is complete and the wedding day arrives, they are on site throughout set up making sure that every little detail is executed exactly the way as planned. The thing that makes this so great is that you, and your family, are able to enjoy the wedding day as a bride should and not be running around worrying about suppliers that haven’t arrived it or where the ceremony florals need to go. Your wedding stylist will handle all of that for you and if something should go wrong they have the knowledge and experience to fix it before it turns into a disaster.  
At the end of the day, whether you hire a stylist or not, your wedding should be a true reflection of you as a couple. And remember that the whole reason for the day is to celebrate your love for one another. When things get chaotic, and I assure you they will, turn to each other for peacefulness and don’t allow the little things to affect you or get you down. 


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