How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

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Weddings are becoming more and more popular these days and with them come a myriad of choices and styles. So it's no wonder it can become confusing for couples to choose the right ‘theme’ for their big day. To make things a little bit easier, the team at Floral Stylist have come up with 10 of their most popular bouquet themes and styles to help you figure out which one best suits you!

Theme 1: Rustic

A beautiful style of bouquet to choose is rustic. Imagine wild and unstructured with pastoral flowers and foliage holding everything loosely together.

Theme 2: Garden Picked

A garden picked themed bouquet is also a very popular choice. Garden picked bouquets are fresh and lush, floral and fragrant, and made from a combination of herbs and fragrant garden grown blooms.

Theme 3: Eclectic

Wedding bouquets can also be eclectic.If you’d like to try something a little bit different try opting for huge ruffled-looking blooms in slightly unexpected placements. This makes for an overflowing effect which we think is very romantic!

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Theme 4: Classic

Classic bridal bouquets are for brides who want their wedding to look elegant and refined. In these types of bouquets the flowers are carefully placed and are clipped into shape with only hints of colour and minimal foliage.

Theme 5: Organic

Brides opting for a ‘green’ wedding may choose to have an organic bouquet. This type of bouquet is made from all elements of nature surrounding the event. They don’t include any commercial flowers and are mostly textured foliage with a few highlight blooms.

Theme 6: Urban

Urban themed bridal bouquets are playful and fun! This is the style of bouquet for brides who want something a little bit quirky. Urban arrangements involve a vibrant palette and either asymmetrical or geometric shaping.

Theme 7: Bohemian

Bohemian wedding bouquets convey a moody, wild theme. We use unconventional blooms and unruly flowers and foliage (such as daisies and chrysanthemum) to create bohemian themed bouquets.

Theme 8: Vintage

Vintage bouquets are very soft and pretty. Imagine an English garden gone wild - classic garden flowers paired with soft subtle foliage.

Theme 9: Modern

Brides choosing a classy, upbeat theme for their wedding will likely pick modern style bouquets. These bouquets are made from classic white blooms combined with pops of colour, designed in a classic shape but made modern with carefully placed wild foliage.

Theme 10: Indie Chic

Indie chic is a modern and more rock version of the bohemian bouquet. This style is more upright and made from gathered foliage and flowers, highlighted with a handful of perfect open blooms. It can include anything from grass to wheat, or even feathers (this is a personal favourite of mine!)

Generally a theme can be built around the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and the fabrics used in the bridal party attire. Ultimately what you wear will determine the style of wedding you are going to have.

For example, if a bride has chosen a dress with heavy lace and beading she will likely lean towards a vintage theme. However, a bride with a flowing 70's style full length dress may choose bohemian. A short sassy dress is more urban, while a fitted elegant dress with less embellishment is more classic. Saying that, there are so many combinations and styles of dresses today that often a mash-up of themes is required! If your florist knows what she’s doing and is experienced she will come up with the perfect and unique combination for you.

But don’t forget - it‘s not just the bouquet that makes the day! Combining the right floral elements and props will help to bring your entire theme together and create an overall seamless look.

Planning your big day can be overwhelming at times so we hope that this makes things a bit easier for you! However if you are still struggling to pinpoint a theme don’t hesitate to email or call us we are happy to guide you through the process.

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