How to Incorporate Something Blue Into Your Wedding Palette

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

The colour blue has a longstanding historical significance when it comes to weddings. As the old rhyming adage goes, wearing something blue down the aisle can bring luck to your married years ahead. But there are more ways, both discreet and bold, to incorporate this colour into your wedding – and certainly, many more reasons to do so. Sapphire, cerulean, aquamarine... the options (and potential) are endless. Here are a few of our favourite blue looks to help infuse your wedding day with this most breathtaking of hues.


Images sourced from (left to right): Jose Villa, and Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

Blue accent blooms can easily be worked into a bouquet for your something blue to carry on the day. And, irrespective of whether your bouquet contains blue flowers or not, a hand-dyed silk ribbon can be the perfect touch to complete the bridal bouquet. A softer blue works particularly well for this latter detail – there is something very whimsical about a gentle, dusty blue shade. Also, if you buy a ribbon hand-crafted by an artisan who uses plant dyes, you’ll often get more than you expect: these ribbons are high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces that come with subtle marbled variations in colour. Their uniqueness makes them perfect to keep as an heirloom to pass on to future generations.


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Images by (clockwise from top left): Lucy Munoz Photography, Anna Morgan Photography, Jordan Weiland Photography, and Storeybook Cakes

There is a myriad of ways to incorporate blue hues into your wedding cake. Blue ombre cakes with textured buttercream frosting are a cheerful option for spring and summer, and if desired the aesthetic can be softened with sprigs of baby’s breath. Semi-naked cakes are this year’s big cake trend, but adding a baby blue drip on top can bring a tempting touch of decadence to make your cake stand out. Another popular decorating feature at the moment is the use of metallics, and the cooler tones of blue make for a stunning complement to gold detailing. And of course there’s no shade quite like blue when it comes to an elegant, marbled cake – topped off with white sugar flowers, it’s an edible dream come true.


blue, styling, table decor, wedding

Images by (clockwise from top left): Snowflake Photo, Madison Rose Photography, Sarah Janes Photography, and Jeannine Marie Photography

Blue table décor is an obvious choice for a beach wedding – even a hint of the colour ties into the theme in a gorgeous way. But blue is also great for any wedding where you want an ethereal atmosphere. Even if it’s just table linen or a simple fabric table runner with some blue glassware, this colour always adds a fairytale undercurrent to the mood of the day. Keep the blue décor pared back for a more regal, sophisticated vibe, especially if you have some statement candleware/centrepieces. Alternatively, you can opt for a more bohemian look with some orchestrated chaos. The important thing to remember for this latter styling is to have a variety of textures (if in doubt, you can never go wrong with more greenery).


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Images sourced from (clockwise from top left): Rebecca Yale Photography (top row), Victor Barboné Jewelry, Jose Villa

If you’re still in the process of picking out an engagement or wedding ring, consider one with a sapphire centre or sapphire accents. Having a coloured gemstone(s) in your engagement ring is a nontraditional option that has established itself as a popular, standout alternative to the classic diamond ring. And it’s a choice that is as gem-savvy as it is gorgeous: sapphires’ physical properties make them scratch-resistant and durable; they come in all manner of shades making each ring visually unique; the sapphire industry was never monopolised like the diamond’s making prices much more affordable; and the sapphire mining is a much more transparent process compared to diamond mining, so it’s easier to ensure your stones were ethically obtained. The fact that sapphire rings could double as your something blue is really just one of many perks.


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Images sourced from (left to right): Rebecca Yale Photography, and Mandy Ford Photography

Your something blue doesn’t have to be limited to a detail – it could also be the whole dress. Haute couture collections from the world’s best ateliers are ever-increasingly creating blue dresses, and they are perfect for the bridal look. There are many incentives to stray from the conventional white dress, one being that nature brings out the ethereal essence of blue dresses (and vice versa) making them great for outdoor weddings. With bridesmaids similarly decked out in dreamy shades, you’ll be all set for a truly magical wedding aesthetic.

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