How to Turn Your Wedding Decor Into Lasting Keepsakes

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

Most weddings leave a massive amount of waste in their wake. However, with some thoughtful, planet-conscious planning, there are a lot of ways you can make sure your wedding decor is so beautiful you and/or your guests won’t want to bin them after the party is over. Not only is this positive on the sustainability front, it’s a way to ensure you have some meaningful wedding mementoes other than the photography to remind you of this milestone moment in your life. Here are a few of our favourite ways of turning wedding decor into lasting keepsakes. 


Image by Ashley Paige Photography

Laser cut quotations are a wedding decor option that you should absolutely get if you’re looking for ways of having decor that would make great keepsakes. They’re simple yet romantic; minimalist but very evocative. And they wouldn’t look out of place hanging on the walls of your home either. 

Image sourced from Dear Heart Signs

Supplemented with flowers and/or foliage, laser-cut quotes are an easy way of creating a striking visual element for your venue. Here is another one of our favourite examples - suspended against the backdrop of the sky, the quote really adds a sense of whimsy to this bridal table.


Image by Hikari Photography

If your wedding decor aesthetic is less rustic and more contemporary-chic, then why not go for a neon sign? They’re the perfect decor element to brighten up a wedding reception, instantly creating a party-feel reminiscent of a night out in town. Depending on what words you go for, these signs can be really versatile decorations (welcome signs, photoshoot or ceremony backdrops, directions, vendor stall signs) that would also look great at home.


Image by Heather Liddell Photographer

Whether it’s for your bouquet, or for the floral decor and installations around your venue, opting for dried flowers is one way of turning your decor into lasting keepsakes. These are perfect especially for weddings with a bohemian or rustic aesthetic, and weddings held in the summer as the flowers don’t have to be refrigerated. If you opt for a more modern, minimalist design like these, they can easily be repurposed as interior decor for your own home, or gifted for guests to take home so that their limelight isn’t limited to a single day as with fresh flowers. Considering that flowers typically make up about 10% of your wedding budget, why not go for ones you can keep longer?


Images by Hanwriting

Take the opportunity to select decor that isn’t going to be disposed of as soon as the party is over. For example, instead of paper place cards, consider getting your guests’ names written in calligraphy on agate slices. As pretty as they are personalised, both you and your guests will want to take them home as a reminder of a great event - and if you get larger sizes they can double as coasters. The book-ends in the image on the left, adorned by the quote “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” could also be a part of a stunning table centrepiece, and would look exquisite in your personal library or office space.  


Image by Malika Favre

If you’re the kind of couple who love investing in art pieces, why not use your wedding as an opportunity to commission a bespoke illustration from one of your favourite artists? As well as doubling as wedding invites with a truly personal flourish, you can get the contemporary design on a print for your home so that you’ll always have an original piece of art that reminds you of your big day. The one-of-a-kind wedding invitation above by Malika Favre, for example, is an illustration of a couple at their wedding venue (the De La Warr Pavilion) in England. 

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