Real Weddings

Ashleigh and Simon
Batch Winery

Photography by Fay Carey Photo & Video

“Simon and I met around three and a half years ago. Even on our first date, we just clicked. Everything about us complemented each other from the get-go. It was the kind of thing that I knew was going to be special - I just knew. We became each other’s person, best friends, sounding boards, partners in crime, the whole shebang. That’s what I know as the best kind of love. After a year together, we bought our first house together, which we worked to create into our incredible home. Just before winter, Simon and I decided to go to Waiheke for the day for a Sunday trip. It was meant to be a relaxing day where we just spent time together and drank some wine under the sun. Little did I know, he had been planning to ask me to marry him. I’d never said ‘yes’ so quickly in my entire life. We spent a while talking about and planning our wedding. Ten months down the line, the day came. It was everything and more - I can’t begin to find the words to explain how perfect it was. We made the most amazing memories with each other, and with our loved ones. Batch Winery on Waiheke was the perfect venue for us, with a relaxed and easygoing vibe that mirrors Simon and I so well. From start to finish, you could feel the love, good vibes and happiness not only from Simon and I but from all of our family and friends that we were so honoured to have a part of our day. As a couple, we have had so many wonderful experiences and accomplished a lot, but I believe our journey is only just beginning.”

Thanks to all the contributing vendors:

Photography: Fay Carey Photo & Video
Videographer: Patty Lagera
Florals: Avenrose Florist
Dress: Sue Barrett Bespoke
Hair: Katherine Anderson
Cake & Makeup: Briar Howard
Venue: Batch Winery