Real Weddings

Ashley and Gordon
Goldie Estate

Photography by Proshot Photography

“The first time I saw Ash, she was wearing a tye-dye shirt, yoga pants and a leotard, having come from her dance class. We were both lost, looking for a class we’d never been to before. When we fell into step beside one another, we realised we were heading in the same direction and ended up being in the same class. It was a pretty subtle meet-cute. A little while later, she ended up messaging me on Facebook (truly modern love, we know), and we ended up hitting it off. We clicked so easily with one another. During my winter break, I ended up climbing to the top of a hill just to get reception, so I’d be able to message her back. We spent two years making a long-distance relationship between Auckland and Washington work, and the rest of these eight years, thankfully, together. I’ve never been more grateful for someone. In 2018, I took Ash to the Opito Bay Lookout. We’d been there a year before, and I told her that I wanted to recreate some of the photos we took, just for fun. It was a windy day, but the view was as amazing as ever. Some of our closest friends came along for the ride - and to film me as I got down on one knee to propose to her. Seeing Ash that happy was one of the best moments of my life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of it with her.”

Thanks to all the contributing vendors:

Photography: Pro
Venue: Goldie Estate
Videographer: Caroline Bindon
Wedding Stylist: My Waiheke
Hair & Makeup: The Peach Club
Florals: Wildflower Waiheke
Cake & Desserts: Little Tart Bakery
Dress: Essence of Australia
DJs: Justin & Vicki