Real Weddings

Kiara and Niu
Bridgewater Country Estate

Photography by Rebecca Bradley Photography

“Niu and I attended rival schools when we were younger. Somewhere down the line, we met through a mutual friend, and friendship sprung up - along with so much more. Being a typical rugby player, Niu’s pick-up lines involved how to pass a ball; when I tried to back out of it, claiming that my left-handedness would be a problem, he said that he was too. My plan to get out of it fell apart, but I ended up stealing his heart, so I think it worked out pretty well. To this day, I have no idea how to pass a rugby ball. A few years ago, we made our way up to the northernmost point of New Zealand. We stopped off at 90 Mile Beach to do some horse trekking and went down the dunes. Finally, we came to the Cape Reinga Lighthouse, a spiralling building with these amazing views of the water. It’s as we were gazing out to the Tasman sea that Niu got down on one knee. I was so excited and surprised that he had to wait for a little while just to hear my ‘yes’! Now, the Cape Reinga lighthouse is our special place and will always be, signifying one of the most important steps in our journey together. Wedding planning was all about celebrating with our nearest and dearest, as well as having the best day with one another. Niu and I planned everything ourselves. We had always dreamt of our wedding being a big fun day filled with lots of love, laughter and a whole lot of dancing! It was such a treat to share this incredible day with all of our loved ones - even over Zoom calls with those who couldn’t make it from all over the globe. That felt extra special, getting to include the friends and family through a virtual experience. Everyone got to join in on all the fun. Niu and I will be forever grateful for how smoothly our wedding day was and how much everyone enjoyed themselves. My parents ended up surprising the two of us with a Tongan dance group to entertain and incorporate the Tongan culture into our wedding. The entire wedding party found themselves joining in when Niu jumped in with traditional Tongan dance - but then, in all the excitement, his brand new wedding ring was flung off into one of the shrubs! All of the guests delved into the bushes with us to help us find the ring. The suspense went on until one of the bartenders found the ring near the reception area - what a relief! We all laughed about it and welcomed the unexpected pause because it gave us a chance to appreciate the day even more. Now, we walk hand in hand and have started the best part of our journey together as husband and wife.”

Thanks to all the contributing vendors:

Venue: Bridgewater Country Estate
Photography: Rebecca Bradley Photography
Celebrant: Andrew Brown
Dress: Felicity Bridal