Real Weddings

Krisma and Digesh

Photography by HDEV Weddings & Events

"Digesh and I met at a supermarket where we both worked. I was at the checkout, and he was working in the grocery department. I was in my third year doing my bachelor's degree, so I worked part-time for a couple of years. On the other hand, he was a new staff member and had just moved to this store. It felt like love at first sight. The proposal was very sweet and thoughtful. We were on a mini getaway to Tauranga for his birthday. We were meant to go up the mount, but I wasn't feeling too well, so we opted to go for a short walk on the beach. We came across these big rocks on the beach and climbed up them to take some nice photos. As I was positioning myself and sat down to pose, he set up the camera and then, seconds later, he came up to me and got down on one knee and proposed! Initially, he planned to propose on top of the mount, but he changed the plan for me. We both wanted a traditional wedding in India in Rajasthan. It has been our dream since we began dating. We even planned a trip to India at the start of 2020 because we wanted to get married with our family from there and America. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, that wasn't possible. We have had to cancel our wedding about three times because of the various lockdowns and restrictions. Eventually, we had our wedding in early February 2022. At the last minute, there were a ton of changes, and the country went back into a stricter lockdown, which meant we had to cut the guest list to 100 people. As a result, we didn't get to have all our family and friends with us from all over the world. Our favourite place has to be Tauranga. It's special - we had our first holiday together there, and we formed a stronger relationship during that trip. We did a few fun activities, like rock climbing, going on hikes, and finding hidden waterfalls; this helped us gain trust in one another, and we spiritually connected. As cliché as it may sound, a song that is special to us is 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran. Digesh sang this to express his feelings toward me."

Thanks to all the contributing vendors:

Venue: Bracu
Photography & videography: HDEV Weddings & Events
Styling & décor: Rani’s Mandap